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Ladies - in my ability to "move on" and "recover" from this most recent miscarriage I have decided to move from this forum. I believe my therapy provided by this wonderful group of women here is complete and I am happy to say, successful!!!  My miscarriage is now almost a month passed, and I'm ready to start looking to the future.  I have finished harassing my OB's office to get a referral to the specialist and am focus on that.  I suppose I am now technically in the TTC world yet again.  I'm not actually going to other board, just going to step off, wait for my referral (two weeks) and then start working through that process.  Taking the past few days off of the board I've realized that I have felt "better" about the whole thing just going about life not focusing on the miscarriage.

You have all been amazing.  I will miss you gals and wish nothing but the best for all of you.  Obviously if you want to leave me a private message with questions (being a seasoned miscarriage pro) or comments I certainly welcome that!  I'm not "gone" just not going to be on the board. I may show up at the TTC board (and hopefully at the First Tri or one of the month boards in the near future!!!!!!! Pray for me!!!  (And pray that you won't see me back here again!!!)

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  • I wish you all the best in the next steps towards seeing a specialist.  I hope you get all your answers and are able to move forward towards a full term pregnancy!  Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.  I know you and the many other women on this board have provided an amazing amount of support.  I'm glad you are now able to move on ... fingers crossed that you will never need to be back here!  The best of luck to you!!
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  • Well then I guess good for you!!  I am so glad that you are in a better place emotionally with your recent loss.  I wish you the best of luck and hope to see you soon over at TTCAL!!  FX for a BFP ASAP!!!!
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  • I am hoping for the best for you...and i think its so healthy when you realize you don't need to be on this board (although it is filled with so many wonderful ladies).

    Hopefully i will see you on TTCAL soon, and if not, you take care of yourself and your baby making!  you are so positive in your outlook despite all you've been through--just don't lose that positive focus you have!


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