BFing baby to make it less painful

Any tips/tricks to prepare for breastfeeding baby #2? I nursed DD for 15 months but the first 3 were so painful. I'm not expecting this time to be pain free but just looking to see if there's anything that I should be doing now. TIA!

Re: BFing baby to make it less painful

  • I don't think there is anything you can do to prepare but I remember with my first one i would starting crying when she would latch on it hurt so bad. This time it hurt but there were no tears. I wish there was something to do it make it painless. i was good about putting the lasinoh cream on this time for the first couple of weeks.
  • 2 things helped me:

    1. Lansinoh cream every feeding

    2. Feeding on only one side per session (it means that each breast gets a 6hr break rather than 3hrs). She still feeds only one side per session now at 8wks old.

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  • There's nothing you can do to prepare, I'd say, but if you can meet with a LC in the hospital, have her watch as many feedings as possible. If you can get the latch right from the get-go, your nips will thank you.

    Make sure you get some nipple cream (lanolin or other), and I really liked the Ameda Soothing Gel Pads. I kept one pair in my bra and another in the fridge. My nips were downright angry with me, and these really helped. You might even want to have a fresh nipple shield handy just in case! They're cheap so why not.

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  • I've had a lot of pain with my second baby, but it has gotten better.  These are my tips:

    1) See if you can get a prescription for Newman's nipple cream from your gynecologist or midwife.  It has to be compounded, so they would have to call it in to a special compounding pharmacy for you, but it's so worth it.  

    2) I also used breast shields while my nipples were toughing up.  I kept them in for the first month and it helped A LOT!

    3) Use nursing tanks instead of bras, especially the first few weeks.

    4) Keep on hand: nipple shield, hydrogel pads, and ice packs with the nipple cut out.

    Oh, and for breast pads, use the kind in the purple box..... I can't remind what they are called right now for some reason.  Your nipples don't stick to them!  Good luck to you! 

  • I don't have great tips, but I learned late in the painful process that I really, really liked the Medela products better than Lansinoh.

    I found the Medela lanolin and hydrogel pads were way better for me.

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  • Mine juuuuust stopped hurting this week, but it was worse with my first!! No bleeding or blood blisters this time, and no mastitis! I did one breast per feeding after the first week, used either tough titties or earth mama nipple butter, and made sure to put nipple butter ON the breast pads so your nips don't stick! There's nothing you can do to prep ahead of time, unfortunately!
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  • Thanks ladies! I have the Motherlove nipple cream which I liked last time as well as the hydrogel pads. I did want to pick up a shield too. I just remember the first few weeks being so raw and painful (and mastitis too!). Here's hoping this time around is not so bad! Thanks again!
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