Postpartum Depression

Taking celexa?

How are you liking it?  Have you had any side effects?

Re: Taking celexa?

  • It made me tired and nauseous at first so I took it at night.  By the end of the day I would get ocd symptoms again.  I started taking it during the day and once you're on it for a while the sleepiness kinda goes away.  It works pretty well.  I do wish I could go back effexor but I can't afford it and it's not ok during pregnancy.
  • My Dr has me on the 20mg for right now. So far, so good :) Took about 2-3 weeks to really notice a difference. I'm so much calmer and it takes a lot for me to cry..before I'd cry every single day and now, nada :). I take it in the AM, but I notice right before my next dose, I am super sleepy. 30min after I take it, I'm fine. No tummy problems or anything...which I guess some antidepressants do cause.
  • I LOVE Celexa and it literally saved my life! I was on zoloft (didnt work) then Prozac (made me so anxious) I called me on call that weekend and they called in celexa. It literally took 2-3 days to start feeling it. Its one of the faster ones. I feel a bit emotionally unattached at times and tired but other than that its great. I take 10mg in the am and 10 mg at bed.

  • I started celexa before I got pregnant and my dr. only had me on 10 mg because I have mostly learned to handle my depression/anxiety. Now that I'm pregnant my OB and I think I need more. The celexa worked great for me before. He didn't try me on prozac because theres some bad family history with it. So only thing with it is make sure you watch your symptoms carefully. Learn to distinguish between hormone induced outbreaks and your actual depression.
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