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Femara- has anyone been on this?

I am 35 years old and got married in July. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 14 years old. Since then I had not had a cycle without medication either BCP or provera. I have had two cycles of clomid one of 100mg and one of 150mg. My numbers after the first cycle moved a little and then after the second moved a little bit more but I have still not ovulated. The side effects of clomid have not been pleasant to say the least. On my next cycle the Dr. is putting me on Femara. I know this drug is normally used for breast cancer patients but that it has been used to get women to ovulate to. Has anyone else been on this drug, have any experience with it? I would love to hear feed back about anyone's experience, if there are side effects etc?  Thank you so much

Re: Femara- has anyone been on this?

  • I tried femara for a few cycles without success. I ovulated and all, but just didn't get PG. I will say that the side effects were less compared to clomid.

    Good luck!

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  • I did one round of Femara with a trigger shot, no side effects for me, it was much better than the 4 rounds of clomid I did.  I did get a BFP that cycle but it was an ectopic.
  • I did 3 cycles on Femara and produced good follicles (both in size and number).  I didn't get pregnant, but that was due to undiagnosed MFI, not ovulatory issues.  I didn't have any side effects while on it. 

    Good luck!


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  • I love Femara.  DD1 is a Femara baby.  Good luck!
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  • I ovulate on my own just not all that strongly and I have linning issues. That said Femara brought us our son! I did get headaches on it but they were nothing compared to what people complain about for clomid. Good luck!
  • I have PCOS and had zero results from Clomid.

    The cute baby you can see in my siggy, however, is a Femara baby.

    Good luck!!


  • I did not ovulate on clomid and it made me very, very sick. I ovulated on the higher dose of Femara, and with IUI#1 plus femara, I got pregnant :) Good luck! 

    Oh - and no side effects for me on it.  

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  • I have non-insulin resistant PCOS, and Clomid did pretty much nothing for me (50 mg, no ovulation; 100 mg, no ovulation; 150 mg, ovulated, not pregnant; 150 mg, no ovulation, 200 mg + trigger shot, ovulated, not pregnant). 

    My RE put me on Femara next.  I took 2.5 mg and didn't produce any follies.  I took 5 mg next and, when my RE saw no follies taking off, added in a small dose of an injectible med, Gonal-F.  That cycle produced 2 good follies with a possible third, but I didn't get pregnant.

    We repeated the 5 mg+ Gonal-F the next cycle, producing 3 good follies and a possible fourth.  That cycle I got pregnant with our twins.

    I had mild side effects with the Clomid, and none that I could tell with the Femara.

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