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Invitations - Diapers & beer AND Shower at same location

So my sister and her boyfriend are coming to our home in March to throw our shower (we live in NM where all my husband's family is, and I'm from TX & don't have a big circle here) - and here's the issue:

They wanted to have a Diaper party for the guys, and a Shower for the women. She considered just doing a Jack & Jill shower, but because so many of my husbands cousins (males) aren't couples, we figure a lot of people won't come. SO the plan is now to do a Diaper & beer for the men - Shower for the women - AT THE SAME LOCATION, SAME TIME (our house). We figure this way it will include everyone, the guys can hang outside mainly and do man things, and we can have the shower girly part inside.

I'm not really close to a lot of his family so I wouldn't feel comfortable being at a shower without many people I know well around and since this will be the case, I didn't want to have split it all up.

My sister thought that she would either do one invitation that says Jack & Jill Shower. Diaper party for the men, Shower for the women. (of course that sounds horiable - we know!) OR - she thought about doing two invitations - Diaper party addressed to the man. Shower addressed to the women. Mail them in the same envelope for couples.  

I'm wondering if anyone has any input on this idea? Been to anything like this? Ideas on invitations?

Re: Invitations - Diapers & beer AND Shower at same location

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