Tonight I am going to a formal party without the babe (who is almost 6 weeks and almost exclusively breast feeding) and have been planning this for a long time and have sunk quite a bit of money into an outfit and ticket, and I'm worried about being away from him for too long, and what that's going to mean for breastfeeding.

I know if I go too long without expressing/feeding/pumping, I run the chance of getting a clogged duct (ouch) and just the general achiness of engorgement does not appeal to me.

This being said, I'm terrible at expressing manually (I'm going to be practicing all day to see if I can master it before tonight) and there's no private place to pump AND my bag isn't big enough to fit my pump into, even if there was.

Suggestions as for how to make it 6 or 7 hours?

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  • You'll be fine (should be fine as far as clogged ducts are concerned) although you will be mighty engorged by the end of the night, but make sure soon as you get home you have a warm shower, place warm compress on your breasts and express with your pump when you get out.

    Will you be taking a car? You could always go pump in the car if you get to full that you can't stand it. 

    Marie, wife to Ron, mom to DS
  • I was also thinking you could go to the car to pump if you have to.  I don't think you have to worry about a clogged duct, just major engorgement.  If you start to feel engorged, go to the car.  It will definitely be easier to pump when you are full.  Have you ever tried an electric/battery operated pump?  I never had much luck with the manual ones wither, but the electric ones are great!!  Good luck and have a great time tonight!
  • I'd recommend buying a cheap (~$20) manual pump from Target or Walmart. It's small (just one horn) and you could definitely use it in any bathroom no problem. I'd plan to go to the restroom at 3.5 hrs in and spend about 10 min. total pumping just to give yourself some relief. There's no way my body would have made it 6 hrs back then - I'd be leaking everywhere by hour 4!
  • at that age of baby for 6 hours I'd have to take a change of outfit if I didn't try to pump- cause I would have leaked everywhere and ruined my outfit.  if you have large pump leave it in the car, and go out and pump if you absolutely have to.  go check it out now, try pumping in the driveway.  ;)



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