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Pee test = Sugar

So I had my first MW appointment at the birth center. I had a pee test and tested positive for sugar! Anyone else have this and its no big deal? I have to come in for another test after fasting.

I didn't even eat anything very sugary before testing. I had chicken, potatoes, carrots and cranberry sauce. Was it the sauce? 

Re: Pee test = Sugar

  • Carrots have High Glycemic Index, which means that they rapidly break down into sugar that will be picked up in your bloodstream or urine. And yes, cranberry sauce happens to be loaded with sugar!

    So, I'd say the carrots and cranberry are why your tested "positive" for sugar, and it's nothing to worry about. If you hadn't eaten anything with any sugar whatsoever and still had high amounts of sugar in your urine it could be a sign of gestational diabetes (diabetes that sets in when a woman is pregnant).

    Hope this helps!

  • Having no clue when you ate and when you peed :) may be something, it may not be anything at all.  Like PP mentioned, the high-GI carrots, the cranberry sauce with sugar, the starchy taters, you took quite the carbo hit.  If you were kinda dehydrated and your pee was concentrated, that could skew the results as well.

    She may just keep her eyes peeled at the next urine test to see if if shows again.  If it's that bad or there's a family history there, she may want to start GD testing sooner rather than later. 

    No med provider should conclusively diagnose based on a silly dipstick test.

  • Carrots, cranberry and the potatoes all turn into sugars in your body. 

    Protein and leafy greens are two of the most important things to eat when you are pregnant and should be the main part of your diet.  Other things, like potatoes, just fill you up and leave less room for the important stuff.  I am not saying you shouldn't eat potatoes- all I am saying is to make them the smallest portion of your meal.  

    Try upping your protein from now until your next apt.  Eat things like lean meats, eggs, nuts, greek yogurt has a lot of protein, cheese, and drink a little milk.  Try replacing any carb style snacks with a protein based snack (not processed though- no protein bars) and I bet your next result will be fine.  

    GL to you!   

    Lilypie - (ZESJ)Lilypie - (QAi1)

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