3rd Trimester

water breaking????

does anyone know what the fluid is like- is it a real watery substance or is it more like thin cervical mucus????

Re: water breaking????

  • It's very watery - when my water broke with DD I thought I was peeing - not at all thick.

    Hope this helps!!
  • Mine was a little bit of both. When my water broke I had a huge rush of water but it had a lot of mucus in it as well. Good Luck!!
  • thanks!!  If mine breaks, I hope I am at home!!!
  • Please note that only 10% of water actually breaks before being in active labor and outside of the hospital.   Women get so worried about their water breaking and where they will be, etc etc and loose sleep over it when it's such a small percentage that it will actually happen.
  • Mine was kind of mucusy, I actually didn't believe that it was my water leaking b/c I thought it'd be more watery.  When I'd rub the inside of the pad against itself it slid very easily.
  • Oh, but it was very thin, it wasn't a thick mucus, just like a little mucus mixed in.
  • I haven't posted on here for a while! When I went into labour, it came on very fast and strong (I totally suggest having sex to bring it on if you're getting impatient as my labour started within minutes after we were done!). I got up to go pee and noticed that some extra fluid was coming out, and it was definitely not pee! It was very watery and kept trickling out like a leaking tap. I knew it was my water that had broken. My contractions started at the same time, and went right into strong, regular, long contractions. I had been 3-4 cm dilated within the week prior, so I basically skipped the whole first part of labour to get to 4 cm - it took about 3 weeks to go from 0 cm to 3 or 4 cm.. On the way to the hospital, I was about 7-8 cm dilated and my water broke fully in the car on the way there. FYI it was my first child and my labour lasted 5 hours from start to finish. TOTALLY recommend having sex to bring it on. lol ;)
  • Oh and I second bethelon, she's right about there only being about 10-15% of women who actually have their water break before they are in active labour. It does NOT happen like it does in the movies... well it can but it's rare. In my case I was already dilated to about 4 cm and I very quickly went from there to 10 cm so yes it did break when my labour actually started for me, but not fully until I was in the car - and with that, I felt a large *pop* and a big gush. But if you're really wondering if your water has broken, it is watery, not mucousy. It can be mucousy if there is still some of your MP that hasn't come out, but keep in mind that if it's your water that has broken, it will keep trickling out like a tap until it gushes (and you will likely feel that pop and gush sensation). GL!
  • very watery and smells kind of like bleach.  When mine broke, I thought I peed myself a little bit at first, but then it started gushing so I knew it was fluid.
  • Mine broke in full Hollywood style and didn't stop.  Luckily I was at home.  Mine was very slippery and was initially streaked with some brown.
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