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Hi girls! Had my baby 1/11/11!

Our son was born 1/11/11 at 8:54 am after a very quick labor and delivery (well compared to my last one anyways!)

I started having contractions around midnight on Monday night and they became regular and timeable around 2 am. Woke up DH and labored in the tub while he timed them. Around 430 we left for the hospital and got checked in. I was 4 cm when I got there. Got my epidural around 6 am because I was having extreme back labor. Got to 8 cm at around 730. Water still had not broken by this time. DR came in at broke it around 8am then started pushing. Pushed on all fours and sitting up. He finally popped out with the cord wrapped twice around his neck which Dr immediately clapped and cut.

He was born 9lb 1oz and he is 22 inches long. So far a really good sleeper and eater! Recovery has been much easier this time and breastfeeding seems to be better too.

Hope you are all doing well!

Briggs Charles:


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