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Absolutely miserable :(

I just have to whine for a minute.  I am absolutely miserable with a cold that WILL.NOT.DIE!  Not to mention, my left foot decided to blow up like the Goodyear Blimp.  Crying  Where did I put my big girl panties?

Re: Absolutely miserable :(

  • Mine must be hiding with yours.

    I was in the ER with DH last night because of the flu/dehydration, and now im starting to get the same symptoms, not to mention we got home at 4am and of course I still had to come to work.  My feet are so swollen, I literally had to stop on the way to work this morning to get a pair of shoes that were TWO SIZES BIGGER than my normal size. 

    I havent done a whole lot of complaining these last 8 months, but today seems to be the day that I start.

  • Mine are missing too.

    I've got a bad cold and flu symptoms (I think it's more of a cold though thank goodness). I've been taking Tylenol for three days. My temperature has been 101. I hear misery loves company. Here we are. Tongue Tied

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