3rd Trimester

I just have been bed ridden....

I was just bed ridden last night. And I have no idea how to deal with it. HELP?!

Re: I just have been bed ridden....

  • Get your laptop and a subscription to Netflix. I'd be catching up on any tv series I wanted to.
  • welcome to my life...

    try doing all the pampering you just didn't have time to do (facials, nails, foot scrubs, bubble baths, etc)

     I am also volunteering to cross stitch some baptism cloths for our church, what about asking about volunteer stuff you can do from home?

    "Be the Lego Lady"
  • Get in on some personal reading time or any of those baby raising books you'd like to read (like What to Expect in the First Year) because there will be few moments to do so once LO comes. Try your hand at crocheting or scrapbooking?

    EDD 1/31/13, MC May 17. EDD 3/31/13, MC July 26. I miss you so much already my angel loves


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