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Sleeping Stuff

Quick Question: What do you sleep in now? What will you sleep in at the hospital? I get so hot at night sandwiched between DH and the dog. I've been sleeping in just undies, but now that it''s getting a bit cooler, I want something comfy to wear. I always get tangled in nightgowns and sleepshirts. Pregnant woman's version of counting sheep: For the past few nights I've been having trouble falling asleep (more than usual) so I've literally started counting Kegels. I fall asleep in no time :o)

Re: Sleeping Stuff

  • haha at kegel counting. I wear my pj bottoms and a big t shirt or a night gown when hot. Sometimes I wear tanks with shelf bras to sleep when im hotter.

    For after the baby is born I bought a nursing gown and robe--very comfy, ill bring pj bottoms and a nursing tank too.

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  • I still sleep naked! I get way too hot otherwise! Not sure what I will do at the hospital!!!

    Great idea on the Kegels...I'm going to do that tonight!

  • Naked or t-shirt, short nightgown usually.  In the hospital I will probably where the same.  I'm too freaked about ruining my good comfy pants to where them, but will have just in case....also bought some depends for PP nights.  Eewwww, so not looking forward to all that.

    Like the kegel idea though I actually catch myself doing them at night anyway...I should start counting.
  • Half the time it's just undies, other times it's in my undies and my bravado nursing tank (which still doubles as a maternity tank). The less the better the further along I get - I'm SO hot and DH is under all the blankets!!

    At the hospital, it will just be the gown. I do remember, though, that my hormones were SO out of wack after dd was born. I was literally sweating and DH was under 3 or 4 blankets and literally SHAKING he was so cold. It was crazy... I just hiked my gown up as far as I could go and just laid there, haha...
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