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Had my girls!!

I had my two beautiful little girls on 1/4/2011 at 4:02 & 4:03

Allison Jeanette 4:02pm, 5lbs 2oz 18"
Vanessa Rose 4:03pm, 4lbs 1oz 18"

I was 36w4d when the doctors decided that baby A (Vanessa) had pretty much stopped growing so they scheduled my c-section that same day. I was a nervous wreck but the hospital was great, the staff was very helpful and supportive and the surgery was amazingly easy!! I had never had any type of surgery before so I had no idea what to expect and was really scared, but I was pleasantly surprised and have no regrets about the experience (aside from the itchy face afterward from the medication, but my awesome nurse gave me Benadryl until it stopped).

Both girls went to the nursery afterwards, no NICU time!! The nurses brought the babies into my room the next morning to start nursing and they did so well that they just left them with me in the room and came in to do vitals every few hours. The pediatrician wanted to make sure they didn't lose too much weight so we weren't discharged until Saturday afternoon, but I didn't mind since I was so occupied with them.

Good to luck to you ladies with inside babies, and congrats to any new January (or December) mamas :) I'm still going to lurk this board and am moving on to 0-3 months and Breastfeeding as well.





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Re: Had my girls!!

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