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I know all babies develop at different rates.. but...

DD has rolled over exactly ONE time (about 3 weeks ago), and it was totally by accident.  Hasn't shown any interest in doing it again.  She still cries and thrashes during tummy time.  Doesn't scoot, hardly even pushes up with her arms.

I know they all develop differently, and she is sitting up on her own if we plop her down somewhere, but I wish she would even show SOME sign of wanting to move! Sad

Anyone else?


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Re: I know all babies develop at different rates.. but...

  • DS is pretty similar.  I'm 99% sure he'll never crawl.

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  • She is still young! My DD is almost 9 months, and she has just recently gotten very good at rolling around and still doesn't crawl, just backwards scoots on her belly. I wouldn't worry just yet if I were you. 
  • There's hope!

    DD has only rolled over a handful of times but she sits great and is now doing precrawling stuff - rocking on all 4s, going from sitting to tummy, and scooting backwards.  She's getting better at not accidentally moving backward anymore and is *almost* moving forward.

    I could have sworn she would have stood before all of this, but she did it all in about 3 days.

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  • I felt the same way too.  My DD didnt roll until 6 months and 3 weeks.  I remember because we were on vacation with her in Florida when it happened.  Then she just knew how to do it.  Before that I dont think she rolled at all.  She is now 9 months and still not really crawling (just backwards at this point).  Sounds like we have the slower gross motor babies.  It all evens out. 
  • according to pathways awareness pamphlet that i got from the hospital, you should worry if the child is 2 months behind in development signs. ie 7 mos and doesnt smile etc.

    also at 6 months, you should consult pedi if "1. rounded back, 2. unable to lift head, 3. poor use of arms in supported sitting 4. difficult to bring arms forward to reach out 5. arches back and stiffens legs 6. arms held back (while standing with support), and 7. stiff legs."

    good luck

  • I think its fine. I think LO didn't roll much till after 6 months. Seemed like in the last 3 weeks, his movement is crazy fast. He starting sitting up well, rolling/scooting, getting up on all 4's, and now crawling backwards!

    But you are right. They are all different. I see in your picture she is eating from the mesh feeder. My LO can't figure that thing out to save his life!

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