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Cute way to share the news...

I know this has been asked before but I am looking for a neat way of telling my dad... He means the world to me and I want it to be cute. There is a baby book I've seen that I like so I thought of buying that and showing it to him, hoping he'll get it. haha What do you think? TIA.

Re: Cute way to share the news...

  • Last time we called and asked if they wouldn't mind not taking their usual anniversary trip because I was going to need help with a newborn (I was due days before their anniversary).  This time we are using a prop.  My dad loaned us a Frosty the Snowman Christmas decoration and we are going to have Frosty write him a letter about how his Christmas was at our house this year and then tell him that he will be staying for next year as well because there will be a new baby in the house to spread joy to (holy run-on sentence, sorry).  I can't wait for my dad to read it and call me.
  • We bought a pair of UGA booties. We wrapped them up and gave them to my parents! They were so surprised and they loved it!
  • We bought onsies from Carter's that said 'I love my grandma' and 'I love my grandpa' we had just gotten back from a weekend getaway so we told them we brought them a souvenir. They were surprised and excited when they saw them!
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  • Well, the way I broke the news wasn't really.. cute? But for a while I was struggling without having health insurance, so I told my parents the morning I went to apply for Medicaid *due to my pregnancy*, I said "Mom, Dad, I'm going to the appointment to get my insurance, wish me luck!". That same afternoon, I stopped by my parents house and said "Guess what!? They gave me my health insurance! because I'm pregnant! *big smiley face*"

    They were sooooo excited. They had a huge smile from ear to ear. There's so many ways to break the special news, aslong as you're being natural about it. A cute way is getting an ultrasound printed out, and putting it in a card that reads "Congratulations, Grandpa!" or something along those lines.

    Be yourself =)

  • With DD we gave my mom a Chicken Soup for the Grandma's Soul, wrapped in a onsie that said "Born in 2009"

     Because it was Mothers Day, and my Dad was there at the same time.

    This time we just told them we thought they were really great grandparents so good that we'd decided to promotethem to grandparents of 2 in 8 months or so.

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  • The 1st time I bought them statues of Grandparents holding a baby.  The second time I told them I wanted a Family Portrait after such and such date because I wanted to have the whole family in the picture.  I had a cute outfit and asked them if they thought it would be good for the portrait.
  • with this pregnancy i bought some blank cards and put this in them

    "My little family wrote you this poem

    on this snowy january day

    to let my gramma/papa know,

    that my birthday is only 8 months away!

    -brand new baby johnson expected 9/18/11"

     they both cried when they read them :)

  • Both of my parents are out of town so we just called them. But with MH's mom and stepdad, I bought a "Grandparents" frame and a card from the baby. I also got a card from baby for his dad and stepmom. The card just said "Can't wait to meet you in September! Love you already! Baby X" His mom just stared at the card and bawled and his dad read the card about 3 times before saying something lol
  • How bout a picture frame with a picture of your belly? My hubby wants to draw a baby with a marker... still don't know about that but I think its a cute idea

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  • DH's parents live pretty far away, so even though it was pretty early (5ish weeks) we wanted to tell them while they were visiting over New Years. So we had a tee shirt made for his dad that said " I went to Philly to find out I'm a grandpa!", and for his mom I started a baby album, on the front it said " We've been working on something very special for you" and inside was the pic of the BFP. We wrapped both as Christmas gifts, when they were opening them his mom was more concerned with what his dad got and trying to figure it out that she forgot to look at her gift. Once they realized what we were telling them, his mom (bad back and all) started squealing and jumping up and down. It was really great to be able to tell them in person! Exactly the reaction we were hoping for!
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  • We found out the week of Christmas so we surprised all of our family together on Christmas Day.

    We took a picture of the test which was digital so it clearly said PREGNANT. We bought large frames that held 10 different pictures. Some were of our new Christmas pics and wedding pics since we were married in June. In one of the frames we put the pic of the pregnancy test. The reactions were so great. Everyone teared up and cried as it clicked to them what they were looking at.

    They all love sharing with everyone how they found out.


    Then with 3 of my girlfriends I peed on 3 different tests and put them in Ziploc bags. Then I put them in pretty little Christmas bags with tissue. This was so funny as they all opened them together.  

  • I'm still TTC, but my brother and his wife took a picture of themselves holding a poster they'd made that said "We're pregnant!"  They stuck it at the back of a stack of other photos they brought to my parents house so that my parents were surprised when they got to the last pic.  My parents still have that photo in a frame in their house.
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  • We're actually planning on announcing our big news this weekend!  We went to Old Navy and bought DD a shirt that says "big sister in charge".  We'll have her wear it while we're visiting and see who notices first!  Smile
  • We gave them a photo album of our adventures for our wedding so since neither of our parents really print photos there was a lot of updating needed to those books.  We printed about 20 different photos of things we did and then put the ultra sound picture in at the end and sent them in the mail. Both sides cried and called us immediately after receiving them. 
  • When we found out we were having a baby (its our first baby!!) it was this past New Years Eve day 2010. We thought of the idea of wrapping the pregnancy test in a little box and taking to his parents. We told them when we were taking down our christmas tree there was this gift pushed way in the back of the tree where we couldnt see it. So they thought nothing of it and opened the gift with MUCHHH surprise :) !!! It really made their day and ours too! :)
  • We told my MIL on Mother's Day.  We had a cake made that said, "Happy Mother's Day Grandma."  My SIL got it right away and was excited, but at first MIL thought we had gotten the wrong cake.  When she realized, she was really excited.

    For my parents, we had fotune cookies made that said, "There will soon be a new addition to the family."  We went to PF Changs for dinner and secretly gave them to our server.  They were so surprised!

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  • We told many family members with a cute poem. I put a picture of us in a frame along with a copy of the poem:  I do not have a face to see,                                                      or to put inside a frame.                                          I do not have soft cheeks to kiss;                                            I don't yet have a name.                                                                                  you can't hold my tiny hands,                                          nor whisper in my ear.                                                                    It's still too soon to sing a song,                                          or cuddle me so near.                                                  but all will change come august 18th.                                                When they say I'm due.                                               I'm your new grandson or granddaughter,                                            and I can't wait to meet you.                                       all I ask between now and then                                        is patience  while I grow.                                                 I promise I'll be worth the wait,                                               because of all the love we'll know.                                     so while your waiting  patiently,                                           please pray lots of prayers for me.                                                                        I cannot wait to be a part                                                        of this wonderful family!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

  • jj
    Audrey is going to be a big sister!

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  • My husband was at work when I found out so I made him a card with DISNEY characters on it (his fav).  The outside said "I have a secret" (he thought we were going to DISNEY by the way), when he opened the card it said "WERE PREGNANT".  He opened it around 3 am when he got off work and was overjoyed. 

    For our parents we purchased baby bibs and invited them to dinner that night and gave it to them.  It's our first and we basically got pregnant on our honeymoon so they were overjoyed. 

    Everyone else found out via text or facebook.  



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