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Need advice about awesome job opportunity

So I need some advice, moms. For two years from the time my older son was 1 till this past November, I worked part-time from home as a local moms site moderator. It was an awesome job......paid to write blogs, talk on message boards, organize playdates, and occasionally more working stuff like represent site at public events. Anyway, I loved it but it was through our local paper and budget cuts had them cut my position in the marketing department. Anyway, I came across another job that was a lot like mine but on a national site. I would LOVE it! It was list as part time work from home.

Well, I got an email today to start the interview process with a written interview followed up by phone interview next week. Problem is, they now say it is full-time position with 80% of the hours needed to be done during regular business hours. Just checked the site and it is still listed as part-time. So, how can I email them to ask about this without making it seem like I'm not interested if its not part-time?

That's my first question. Second is, ugh! Why does this have to be dangled in front of me as such a great opportunity only to maybe not be so great. My kids are 3 and 8 months. My old job was part time and allowed me to work any time. It was easy to get in the hours during naps, in the evenings, and on weekends. But probably only 2 hours a day were spent during the actual work day. This job is requiring 6 hours a day during 8-5. I just don't see how I'm going to do that.

I guess I will go through the process. Might not even get the job. If I do, then we can test it out for a bit I guess. The money is a little less per hour that what I was making, but still decent. And of course more since it is FT, not PT. Financially we are doing OK now, but we have not really experienced loss of my income yet since I was paid till December. In a few months, we may start worrying. 

I almost wish this had come 2 years from now when both kids would be in school, at least part time. Right now my older son is in 3K just 2 mornings a week. I could put baby in MMO at the same church his brother goes to 3K, but I don't have any childcare in the summer. Could find something I guess. I don't know. I'm happy being a stay at home mom and I loved working PT from home. I hate to through this great opportunity away, but I just don't see how I can get 6 hours in during daytime hours while also being a SAHM full time!

Re: Need advice about awesome job opportunity

  • I hope that this works out for you.  Maybe you could email back and say just to clarify it says part time here and full time here, which is correct?  You could let them know you need to plan care accordingly so that you don't appear disinterested if it turns out to be the full time position.  I love being a SAHM too and am able to tutor to supplement out income.  I hope you will be able to work this job out so you can continue to be with your babies.  GL!
  • Ok, well you have a lot of stuff going on here, but I'd say, regardless of what the opportunity is, you need to be clear on whether you really want to work or not.  You and your husband need to determine if you will have the financial need, and if not, then you have to decide what is best for you and your family.  THEN, you can decide whether to pursue this.

    At least, that's how I'd do it.  So you're going into it with a clear head.  Otherwise, you may be wasting their time as well as yours.  And creating extra emotional issues/decisions that may not be necessary.

    Good luck!

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  • If it were me, I would go through the interview process with low expectations.  If they were to offer you the job, I would approach the issues of how many hours and when they need to be performed at that point.  Maybe they would be flexible and maybe you could find a mommy's helper to get some hours in during the day.

    My husband is able to work varied hours so he goes in at 2 pm Tuesday and Thursdays so I get most of my work done those mornings and when he's home for lunch on the other days.


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