Milk Storage - Please Tell Me What You Do!

I am going out of town just for 24 hours on Saturday. I need to have about 8 bottles ready. I usually don't leave milk in my fridge for more than 3 days, but I have read and had many people tell me up to 8 days is okay for milk if your fridge is really cold. My fridge temp is at 36 degrees and I keep the milk in the back of the fridge.

So, do you think 5 days is okay for my milk? Using Tuesday-Saturday milk for Saturday? I will be able to pump one more bottle before we leave. I also have frozen milk, so I was planning on defrosting some of that on Friday evening so it will be ready for Saturday.

Have any of your LO rejected previously frozen milk?

Advice would be great!!

Re: Milk Storage - Please Tell Me What You Do!

  • I have used it up to 5 days later, I feel it was fine, but my mother who is the sitter said it was turning.  So I would say keep it way in the back and it should be fine.  On the frozen milk, my DS takes any milk given to him, I don't think he knows the diff, besides the fact that it isn't coming directly out of me, which usually pisses him off for a couple minutes.
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  • My DD doesn't have a problem with taking frozen BM. She gets it one week per month while I'm away traveling for work. I personally don't like to leave BM in the fridge longer than 3 days (since the door is opened and shut throughout the day, I worry about it). So I freeze all but maybe a two day supply in the fridge. Once I'm gone past two days, my MIL or DH will take BM out of the freezer and put it in hot water. It defrosts pretty quickly (like 1-2 mins). Then it gets poured into a bottle and put in the bottle warmer (takes about 2 mins).

    So basically my frozen milk stays frozen until DD is ready to eat. I think you can let frozen BM defrost in the fridge for 24hrs (but after that time period, they suggest it to be thrown out if not consumed).

  • I wouldn't recommend keeping milk in the fridge beyond the 3 days honestly. It will turn and sour pretty quickly. I always froze my milk and my LO never knew the difference either. Also, frozen BM thaws very, very quickly in the fridge and within minutes in warm water. Don't forget to pump while away, you gotta keep up your milk supply!  :-)



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  • The NICU nurses told me not to keep milk in the fridge longer than 72 hours/3 days, and if you thaw anything frozen it has to be used within 24 hours or it's no good (I think a PP mentioned something about this, so sorry for the repeat info).  My DD has no problems taking frozen BM - I really doubt she can tell the difference, and she's getting mostly frozen right now anyway (I stopped bringing fresh to the hospital because I have a huge stockpile in the freezer lol).  So I would probably freeze whatever you can pump earlier in the week, and then refrigerate the last one you pump.
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