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AW - We have come so far :) (adorable video)

Hey everyone, I know I have been MIA since Evie was born (I've been lurking a bit, but I have had no time to type anything).  Things have been going very well, and she is 4 weeks today (holy crap time flies!)  I wanted to share this video, because I figured you guys would understand how cool the little things are (like playing with a rainbow and smiling).  I haven't gotten my editing skills in check yet, but I had to AW her.

I hope to have a bit more time to spend on here soon, I really miss reading and sharing with all of you.  Even though we're not so much pregnant anymore, we are all still going through the same things together!  I hope things are going well for everyone.  (And I am *SO* proud that I figured out how to make a fancy hyperlink to the video Smile).

Here is the video (I put it on YouTube).

Re: AW - We have come so far :) (adorable video)

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