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Zoloft working in 5 days?

Is that possible?

I just started taking it for anxiety 5 days ago (have taken 5 doses) and I'm feeling much more "mellow". I noticed today that I just feel happier about life in general and less stressed. I'm "losing it" (yelling) hardly at all, whereas before I did a lot, especially w/ DD1....

And I used to constantly get all these worst-case-scenarios go through my head about me and the girls and would envision everything so graphically and would start crying, multiple times a day. Today I had 1 thought (first one in days) and I immediately brushed it off as "whatever, that's a ridiculous idea". Then I realized I did that and I wanted to cry tears of happiness! ;)

Seriously though, is a placebo effect, or is it possible that the meds are already working? My OB mentioned 2-4 weeks before it would kick in.... Part of me wonders if I blew it out of proportion in my head and I shouldn't be on strong meds... but then I feel like it's already helping and I'm so thankful that after years of dealing w/ anxiety, I finally spoke up and got help. I hope it's actually working!

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Re: Zoloft working in 5 days?

  • I went on Zoloft two months ago and I noticed my anxiety going away within the first week! I was having panic attacks all the time. I also was feeling just so sad and hopeless. Those feelings did not really seem to go away until the 5th week on Zoloft. But now I am REALLY feeling myself and I am soooo thankful as well. I know that these meds are sometimes seen as Taboo but I feel like such a better mom now.Good for you for speaking up!
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  • Zoloft didn't work for me but I took Lexapro. I always wondered about the placebo effect too, because with in 4-5 days my anxiety was so much better. What caused it, I don't know, but I can say I had the same experience. I'm so glad to hear it is working for you! :)
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  • I certainly did start feeling better my first week on Zoloft. I mentioned to my doctor that I didn't expect it to be that fast. He said that they tell you 2-4 weeks because it takes that long for some people, but many feel a difference within the first two weeks, and some (who have a fast responding brain chemistry) see a change even within the first several days.
  • I too started feeling better after a week.  Well - minus this week which I seem to be falling behind a bit.  But - it has at least helped with anxiety.
  • When I first started taking my zoloft, I noticed a huge difference within the first few days.  When I had my check up with a different NP than the one I normally saw, she actually told me not to lie to her when I told her how well I was doing.  With some people, it can take up to 6 weeks to take full effect.  Some people notice a huge difference within the first week.  I'm so glad that you are noticing a difference! 
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  • Eventually, Zoloft side effects may occur and if these cause you any discomfort, immediately see your doctor. Early prevention and safety precautions can avoid untoward incidents. Take note that your decisions may not just affect your health but also your baby's health.
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