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Travelling with a 14 month old

DH, DD and I are planning on taking a family trip on March.  Thinking maybe an all inclusive resort in Cancun or Playa Del Carmen.  DD will be 14 months by then.  We are debating if we should rent a car (which means bringing her convertible carseat with us).  We will be mostly just staying in the resort so I dont know if its worth the added expense.  Then again, I almost feel like it's always better to have our own transportation just in case.  And if we do decide to go outside the resort, and not have a car, I dont know how i feel about having DD in a vehicle without a carseat.  What do you ladies think?
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Re: Travelling with a 14 month old

  • You should check with the rental car service, some of them will rent you a carseat.  I know I am hesitant to do it and just bring my own...I take everything and probably look crazy trying to walking through the airport with all this stuff!  Have fun on your trip!
  • I personally wouldn't rent a car, unless you know you'll be doing lots of day trips. And even then, you'd have to deal with unfamiliar roads and the crazy driving. If you need to get somewhere, taxis are the best way to go. You can still bring your carseat and just install it in the taxi. Just check the carseat as part of DD's luggage so you don't have to bother with it in the airports.

    (And actually, some taxi companies even have carseats if you get the resort to call and reserve one ahead of time.)

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