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T&P please for a healthy and happy baby

I went for my OB apt today and had a dating ultra sound.  The baby looks good and is measuring 8w3d, however the sac is only measuring a little over 6weeks.  It should usually measure larger than the baby.  I was told that everything could be fine but sometimes this is a sign for chromosomal defects.

I had the PA today and she wasn't sure if she should tell me but because she knows I will be moving and asking for my records and I will see it at that point she told me.  I was a little upset that they were thinking of not telling me as I have the right to know.  She even talked it over with the dr. and she said she wasn't sure if she would say anything.


So any T&P for a healthy baby and for me to be positive would be wonderful.  Thanks ladies.

Re: T&P please for a healthy and happy baby

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