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Did you gain weight after stopping nursing?

About 3 mos I had officially dropped way below my pre-preg weight...due to a big eater and lots of nursing i'm sure. I've been weaning for the last month, and almost completely dried this week and have noticed I've gained maybe 4 or 5 lbs back. Did this happen to anyone else? I've eaten slightly less to account for the calories I'm not burning with not nursing, but otherwise maintained my physical activity. 

 Kind of depressing!  

Re: Did you gain weight after stopping nursing?

  • I am so afraid of this!! I've also heard that some women actually hold on to 5lb or so and when they stop nursing they lose it b/c their body doesn't need the extra fat to maintain the milk.... I know I will not be that lucky. That being said I haven't really started exercising except a daily walk w/LO. I've been saving that to combat the extra weight I expect to gain when I wean I started Weight Watchers when DS was 3 mo b/c that is/was my biggest issue (what I was eating) so I'm hoping that the exercising will be that much more effective when I kick it up a notch. GL!!
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  • well... It's common but I didn't necessarily gain weight... just kind of reached a plateau where I stopped losing the weight.  From here I began running and trying to go to the gym more and this seemed to get me back on track.  Also - I tried to keep in mind that when I was breastfeeding, I was burning quite a few extra calories so I tried to keep my caloric intake in mind ...  It'll all even out!  
  • Yes- I ganed 3 to 4 lbs. back within the first week of being done with nursing :( 
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  • This happened to me. I gained 5 lbs back less than a month after I stopped breast feeding.

    When I stopped nursing I knew that I would have to adjust my eating habits because my body wouldn't be needing all the extra calories. I did that and still gained the weight. Totally sucked. Good luck.

  • I actually lost about 5lbs after I stopped nursing DD1. I am still bfing DD2 and I hope the same happens when I wean again. I was at my skinniest a few months after weaning DD1.
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