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could we be...

preggers again just after celebrating DS' 1st bday? Here's the back story breast feed until Oct and Nov went back on normal BC pill cycle started 2wks before pill pack said it should and lasted for 2wks, same story for Dec and I didn't think of it till after DH and I engaged in some action exactly 2wks after cycle started and I was still on the dumby pill, my bust measurement has gone up and inch as well as my hip measurement and last week I threw up once which was the samething that happened at the beginning of pregnancy with DS. Took a test 2 days before cycle would've started if it was following the same pattern as the past 2months it had expired 6 days before I took (it was late and I was not up for running out for another) came back negative, should I just wait it out and see if cycles start with pill pack calendar or consider myself late and take one now?

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