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33 lbs by my 33rd bday challenge

I want a huge gigantic bowl of ice cream.


I put myself on WW for a 33lbs by my 33rd bday challenge. 

This is the weight I can't blame on pregnancy since I lost all my preg weight 10 days after birth. Wish losing this stuff was that easy! 

Re: 33 lbs by my 33rd bday challenge

  • When is your birthday? I was just thinking of setting my goal of 30 lbs by my 30th bday. I'm rejoining WW on Monday and I have until July 4th to lose it!
  • April 15th. Not a lot of time..but sometimes it's better to shoot for the moon and land on a star. :)
  • I need to lose 38 by my 38th, but that's March 21st....I don't see that happening.  Maybe by Ben's 1st Birthday on 7/15!!  I'm a WW, too.  Have been since 4/2006.  Was doing really well until our cruise in 2008......then well again, then SUPRISE!!!  Pregnant :)
  • so weird!!!!

    My baby's name is Ben and was born on 7/15 too! (due date was 7/4, but we had to evict him) 

  • My H and I just started a 3 times a week work out routine together.  I'd be totally ok with losing weight, but my main goal is to just feel better about myself.  It just feels good when I get my heart pumping :)  GL with your goal! I'll be rootin for ya.  Let us know how it goes!
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  • image audrey10607:

    so weird!!!!

    My baby's name is Ben and was born on 7/15 too! (due date was 7/4, but we had to evict him) 

    Sorry if this is posted twice.  I was so excited I hit post too soon!   Hopefully the edits are here now.

  • I want to lose 40 pounds by my 24th Birthday which also happens to be April 15th! Yey for "tax babies"! Lol
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  • That's similar to what I'm doing! 50 lbs in 5 months.

    You (we) can do it! Big Smile

  • Hey, thats a good idea! I might do 35 by my 35th.....that gives me 18 months to lose it! Figure I have probably about 5-6 months left of breastfeeding, so I don't want to really focus on losing a lot right now. I tend to get dizzy if I don't get enough calories in me when pregnant and breastfeeding.

    With my first, I lost all pregnancy weight plus 10 more by 6 weeks. Then between pregnancies, I put back on that 10 lbs plus about 5 more. Working from home was great, but it tied me down to the computer during all my down time! This time, I still have about 5 stubborn pregnancy pounds to lose plus that weight I put on btwn my two kids. Ugh.

    But my goal by age 26 was to get back to my wedding weight. I've held on to the cute dress I wore to my rehearsal dinner. My goal has been to wear it on my 10 year anniversary! That means, I need to lose this 35 lbs by lets aim for a year before that just to be safe!

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