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I just got my BFP this morning! I'm PREGNANT!

 DH and I will be married 3 years next month, and I started to get the baby itch this past summer. I never thought I'd be ready to have a baby... but I think I am! DH was really happy when I told him, he thought he was dreaming. :-D 

That being said I almost immediately got nervous. I want to wait the whole 12 weeks to tell anyone, and it's so common to lose a baby this early (I'm about 3.5 weeks or so.) Praying for God's will during this exciting time.

Ah!! Any advice?! 

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  • Hi!

    I am pretty new here too and wanted to say congrats!!!  I got my BFP this morning too, still in disbelief.  I would have sworn AF was coming today.  I am almost 4 weeks right now, so if you ever want to chat we are about the same!  Good luck in the coming weeks to you :-)

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    DD: Born 9/27/11
    Miscarriage 12/12/12 @ 6w0d
    BFP: 2/3/12 @ 9dpo Hoping for a sticky baby!
  • Congrats to you! Praying they'll "stick" and hoping we have lots to talk about in the coming months!
  • Congrats!  I got my BFP this morning as well :)  We couldn't be happier!  I had taken a test last week that came back BFN so I was totally expecting a late visit from AF, but after she still  hadn't shown up we decided to test again!  I don't have any advice since it's our first as well, but I am definitely here for support since we're on about the same time frame!

    So exciting!!!!

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