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Does anyone else get alot of nosebleeds??

i have been getting so many nose bleeds its not even funny. For the past two weeks, ive been getting them almost everyday!! Has anyone else been having the same problems??

Re: Does anyone else get alot of nosebleeds??

  • I haven't had a full on nosebleed but I have noticed blood when I blow my nose.  That sucks that this is happening to you!
  • Yes, I get them all the time, I got them a lot with DD also!  I was on a run once and got one, it was disgusting and I had to use my shirt to stop it, then run all the way back looking like I had been shot or something with so much blood on my shirt.  I don't know anyway to prevent them, but I am sorry you are dealing with them, they are annoying!

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  • Yes! I haven't had them everyday, but I have had plenty of them. I never had nose bleeds pre-pregnancy. It is so werid and very annoying.
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  • Yep, about once a week. They started the day I got my BFP.
  • You're not alone.  I've been heavy nose bleeds on a daily basis for the past two months.  They are common in pregnany and definitely difficult to deal with.  I have carry tissues with me at all times because at any moment it can start gushing out.  I even get bloody post nasal drip and each morning I have to spit up blood... its absolutely gross.

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  • Yes, for the past month 1/2 I've been getting them very regularly.  My doctor says it's normal, and it's nice to know I'm not the only one!  Another symptom has been hearing my pulse in my left ear, that might be even more annoying!
  • I get them weekly. My MW said using a nasal saline spray daily will help the occurance of them. I have not tried because i have not had them that badly.
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  • It's mostly when I blow my nose, too.I'm so glad someone else mentioned this, because I was totally going to post about this!

    I hate saline drops or any nasal sprays. Do you think a humidifier in the bedroom at night will help? I'm wary of seeing any blood, and if it gets any worse, I don't want to worry about passing out when I see the blood. Ugh.

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  • I have always had nosebleeds off and on since I was a kid. I used to wake up in the middle of the night with blood all over my pillow! I have them every day while pregnant- it sucks but I know to expect it. Usually it's just bloody snot but there's been a couple times I've bent over to pick something up and it gushes. Ew.
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  • I had my first two just this week! They aren't pouring outta my nose types, but I can definitely taste the blood in the back of my throat, and I'll blow straight blood into a tissue. I've also been blowing bloody boogers since about week 6. Mmmm sexy.
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  • Not actual nosebleeds, but everytime I blow my nose it's bloody now. 
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  • I haven't had any yet, but when I was pregnant with DS I got them VERY often and it was more than a simple nosebleed. I would stand over the sink and blood would literally just pour out of my nose. Pinching it didn't even work...I just had to stand there until it stopped. The dr.said it wasn't unusual...


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