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RH Negative

When do you get your first Rhogam shot?  I know there are two. One during preganancy and one after delivery.  Just curious :)

Re: RH Negative

  • I believe it is at 28weeks and within 72 after birth. Correct me if Iam wrong though!
  • The other day my midwife told me I'll need to get one 'around 30 weeks', and then after the baby is born (if the kiddo is in fact rh+).

    Side note: I also found out from all my blood tests that my rubella vaccine is 'fading' and I have to get another one of those after I have the baby too!

    So many needles!

  • I actually got the first rhogam shot when i was around 8 weeks, then I am supposed to get another one at 28 weeks and when the baby is born, if she a different blood type than me then I will get another one :/ Rhogam shot hurts tho!!

  • I'm pretty sure 28 weeks. and I don't remember getting one after birth with either of my other 2 daughters.. ?
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  • My Dr. told me at 28 weeks and one after birth if baby is +. Your Dr. should inform you of how they are going to deal with it. They also told me if I were to have any bleeding now they would give me one. Good luck.
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  • Depends on the situation.

    I had one when they did my amnio (15.5 weeks) because i'm O neg, husband is O pos.

    From what they told me at the doctor's office, they only last a few weeks so I will have to have a second around the 28 week mark (as previous posters mentioned) to protect me during the delivery. Then if the baby is pos, another after birth.

    Frankly, it's not a big deal at all. Small shot in the butt, relatively small needle, it just has to go in a little slower than your average shot because it's a thick serum.

    If you've ever had a depo or progesterone shot, it's about the same thing. Piece of cake.

     I laughed when they gave it to me and said "seriously, that's what all the fuss is about? I've had more pain stubbing my toe."

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  • I got one when I was 8 weeks because I was bleeding. I will be getting my 28 week shot Monday, then I will get another shot after delivery only if the baby is Rh+. If the baby is Rh-, I won't need a shot.
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