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Leaky Vag!!

Over the past few days, I've noticed a definite increase in discharge. I assumed it was just the normal "you're pregnant and a lot of weird stuff is going to come out of your vag" discharge. Then I started wondering, could it be amniotic fluid? (Probably not.)

The question is how the heck do you tell the difference?? Could be normal discharge, could be amnio fluid, could be pee (doesn't smell like pee though) but I really have no idea which it is. Anyone have any tips to differentiate?


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Re: Leaky Vag!!

  • I don't really have advice but I had the same issue this morning.  Sorry if TMI, but I definitely felt like I had more watery discharge when I woke up. I would think that as long as there are no other issues like cramping, spotting etc its probably fine. As always, if in doubt check with the doctor.
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  • I've noticed this too this week and started wearing panty liners.  I have a combo of  cloudy mucus and something more liquidy and clear.  At first I thought it was urine, but no smell or color (beacuse of pre-natals my pee has been bright yellow).  I'm thinking its ll just vag goo.
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  • What you're describing happened to me a few weeks ago. I called my doctor and she had me come in just to be safe. It ended up being a bacterial infection, which can be dangerous if left untreated. I suggest you call your doctor just to be sure - I know my doctor prefers if I call even about the smallest things.

    This is what I do know about discharge. It's very possible that it could be normal pregnancy discharge, but if it is, it won't smell bad (or at all) and it will be clear/white. Pee will smell like pee.  Amnio fluid will smell sweetish or have no smell and be completely clear and watery. HOWEVER, unless you are losing cups of fluid at a time, it's probably not amnio fluid. My doctor told me if it's just little drips or even a teaspoon or so at a time, it's probably some kind of discharge.

    With that said, I would still contact your doctor just to make sure you don't have some kind of infection. My discharge did not smell bad and it was white, so I didn't think I had an infection - but I was wrong.

    Good luck!

  • I had a few leaky issues and went into my doctor's office. They did an U/S to check fluid levels and a cervix check. All was good and they sent me home saying that amniotic fluid smells very sweet, almost sickly sweet.
    It has happened only once or twice since then and I'm sure it's watery discharge or urine. Good times!
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  • This happened to me about 2 weeks ago. When I called my doctor the NP said that unless it was gushing it wasn't anything to worry about and that it's normal to have some days feel soggier than others.
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  • It is totally normal to get more leaky as you progress. I had it really bad with #1 and went to the dr after I was in a car accident and thought for sure I was leaking fluid and they said I had a yeast infection. I honestly had had them before and this did not seem like one at the time, so who knows, but if it is a lot, get it checked just to be sure. I wear a pantyliner everyday now and did with #1. UGG, the joys of pregnancy!



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  • Same thing happened to me and I thought it was normal but when I asked the doctor, she gave me a pap and told me it was a yeast infection :/ I never had a yeast infection before so I had no idea! just ask your doctor on your next appt just to be safe.
  • I had the same freak-out on Christmas Eve of all days; I soaked through two pairs of underwear, so I called my OB and he had me come in (I think to calm me down more than anything.)

    So, car ride in a blizzard and three hours later, I was peeing myself. Such a fun bit of news to get :::headdesk:::

    I did get a second anatomy scan, and it was amazing to see my little girl on Christmas, but still. I felt like a dope.

    But I'm not sure, now, how you would be able to tell the difference. My OB told me if that happened again, that amount, I was to call and most likely go in again. So clearly, there is no obvious way to tell without them testing the fluid.

  • Yes!  My vag has been extra leaky this week.   The nurse at my dr's office said its very normal, blah blah.  But it is gross.  There is no way I can go pantylinerless. 

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