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Breast or Bottle Feeding?

Are you planning to breast or bottle feed?  Read the story of how I decided at http://www.squidoo.com/breast_is_best.  Which method do you prefer and why?

Re: Breast or Bottle Feeding?

  • I am planning on breastfeeding. I like the idea of having that close bond with LO within the very first moments of life on the outside world, and I do believe there are nutritional benefits to breastfeeding...

    however, I understand that it may not work out for some new moms. As I will be a new mom, and a first time mom as well, if there is a complication with producing milk, or latching issues, etc. I am perfectly okay with supplementing with formula, if needed!

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  • I'll be breast feeding until I have to go back to work and then I'll be pumping/bottle feeding/breast feeding.
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  • Seriously?  This is the same spam as a few weeks ago.
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  • image hjk5000:
    Seriously?  This is the same spam as a few weeks ago.

    that's what i was thinking...

  • In the beginning, if he's not breastfeeding well, we'll do both.  Want to prevent jaundice, etc.  Not worth him having to stay in the hospital past my discharge because he's dehydrated and jaundiced and has to get phototherapy.  Then once milk is in, we'll exclusively breastfeed.  I breastfed my last for 21 months!!
  • We're working on breastfeeding.  Ds is just over a day old and is starting to get the hang of it.  Hopefully he will be a champ by time my milk comes in.

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  • I am planning to breastfeed.  I think I'm more afraid that my body won't be able to breastfeed (they are called irrational fears for a reason) than I am about labor!  LOL.  I know that it's best for LO and it just seems like a continuation of the pregnancy in that you are "mom" and no one can provide this care but you.  Sure dad or someone else can bottle feed but it is no where near as natural.  As for "baring it all" I don't really care, I know there are many modest ways to accomplish it.  My IRL gf has a 15w old son and I love bottle feeding him because even that he looks up at you so adoringly, I can only imagine that feeling with my own son but not having to wait for the bottle to defrost and heat up while his hunger cues intensify since breastmilk is always ready and just the right temp.

    Plus, I'm super lazy!  The less that I have to clean, sterilize, measure, fill, warm up, ect the better.  I'd rather just whip it out and be done basically haha.  Especially for nighttime feedings!

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    Seriously?  This is the same spam as a few weeks ago.

    that's what i was thinking...

    I remember seeing the same exact thing a while back, too.

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