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thanks to the rain, cayman aaron is here!

all because of the rain

So after what most people would have considered a disappointing 40wk check-up on Tuesday, we scheduled several tests and check-ups for week 41. Well, on Wednesday, October 17th, a line of fierce thunderstorms blew through and the barometric pressure changed outside, causing my water to break at 7:30am. I thought I was simply having one of those dreams where you dream you're wetting the bed, but you really our (we had joked about this happening) but in reality, it was my water breaking! After a shower, I packed my hospital bag (I hadn't packed it yet, yes with a day to go to my due date) and grabbed some breakfast before we headed to the hospital. As timing would have it, Aaron actually started his leave Wednesday, so he stopped by the unit first to sign out, and then it was off to the hospital once more, with me leaking the whole way there.

Once we got to labor & delivery, they did their list of tests to confirm that yes; I really had broken my water and didn't just have a leaky bladder (which was my fear). So at 9am I was admitted and headed off to my labor & delivery suite while Aaron got my bag out of the car (how embarrassing it would have been to show up with everything to only be told to go home). Once I was hooked up to the monitors and Dr. Misko checked me (about lunch time), it was confirmed that I hadn't made any progress from the day before (still barely 1cm, baby up high and no effacing) so they started a pitocene drip and I finally started feeling the contractions (but I was able to breathe through them). The drip continued all afternoon and into the evening as I dinned on gourmet chicken broth and jell-o!

By 1am Thursday I was on oxygen because Cayman's heartbeat would drop during the peak of my breathable contractions and not recover as fast as they liked. And so, I continued through the wee hours of the morning on the pit drip and oxygen, the whole time with Aaron at my side counting the contractions, making me laugh and watching movies with me.

At my 7am check, Dr. Misko confirmed what I had hoped wouldn't happened; I had progressed, but only to 2cm dilation, Cayman was still too high and I hadn't effaced any through all the night's contractions. So, it was time to switch to plan b, c-section, which I was really hoping to avoid, but for baby's health and mine, it was time to go. So within 30 minutes I walked (finally!) to the c-section room & they started prepping me. At 7:57am Dr. Misko cut me, at 7:59am he pulled out Cayman and by 8:10am I stitched up and smiling at my husband (so sat by my side through the whole surgery) and our amazing new 8lb baby!

Daddy and Cayman headed to our suite to get cleaned up while I was wheeled down to recovery. By 10:45am I was reunited with my boys and breastfeeding our little guy, who has taken to it like a champ! We're all home now and adjusting to our new lives beautifully. We couldn't have asked for a more amazing blessing! Thank you for all your prayers and support, who would believe that we were that .1% to get pregnant on birth control, the 9% to deliver on their due date and the overly blessed family with a healthy baby now!

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