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Do you give "parenting advice"'on fb?

A facebook friend just posted "cry it out sucks" her baby is one month old!!!! Wth! Do you comment on things like that or just let it go? I can't stand the thought of that little baby just CIO!
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Re: Do you give "parenting advice"'on fb?

  • I only give advice if they're asking for it.  And unless I know the whole story, I don't comment on something like that.
  • Even though I want to sometimes, I usually don't...
    My girl is growing up fast

  • I don't usually, but with something like that I might private message them and suggest another tactic that is more age appropriate.  They may just not realize the CIO isn't right for the age. 

    One of my friends wrote something about how she was really hoping to have a c-section and in that case, I did PM her let her know that my experience with a vaginal birth was excellent and my recovery was super easy- I also let her know about my SIL's c-section recovery which was not as easy.  She had no idea that it was such major surgery and is currently in the hospital being induced for her vaginal delivery.  I think sometimes people just don't know.

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  • Unless they are a very good friend, I try to refrain from giving parenting advice on FB (or anywhere else). 

  • Something like I would PM them and explain nicely how that is not a good choice and explain why.

     But, if it's something like they have their LO strapped in the carseat completley wrong and it's a safety issue I would also pm them and tell them the correct way to put the baby in the carseat.


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  • She may not even be "aware" her baby is way to young for CIO.  I would definitely pm her.  You can do a web search for sleep training age so you have a couple links to send her.  As she is a new mother, I think you should try to be helpful.
  • A friend of mine posted pics of her 8 month old in a forward facing car seat. After seeing about 3 of these, i emailed her (did not post it on FB for all to see) that she might want to check her state's laws. Her baby is big and she thought it was 20 lbs OR 1 year....not AND. I did that looking out for the baby! Hope she did not mind.

    With your friend, maybe just ignore it or email her privately any advice you a nice way. Maybe point her in a direction that suggests waiting till babies are a little older to do CIO. Some people believe in it. When I said something about being so sleepy i almost brewed rice cereal last month instead of coffee, my brother wrote "you're STILL not letting him CIO?" He and his wife did CIO with their 2  when the babes were just a month old or less. Another friend pointed me in the direction of Ferber. I had to explain that the reason I was sleepy was that he was going through a 3 day growth spurt and he had been STTN since 4 months. Sure enough, he went back to STTN shortly after and I just stay quiet about sleep complaints now!

  • Oh, funny story. The other day a friend posted something about watching Toy Story 3 for the 15th time in 3 days. Her 4-year-old had to have it on (he got it for Christmas) and now her 1-year-old was going around saying "toys" and "buzz!" My thought was "gheesh, turn off the TV. be the parent and don't let your kids watch 30 hours of TV in 3 days." Of course, I did NOT write that. But, someone else basically the same words I had thought. And boy, was the mom pissy about it!

  • image CarolinaKatie:

     And boy, was the mom pissy about it!


    As she has the right to be.   

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