2nd Trimester



Our LO finally semi-cooperated with the doctors, and is ALL girl!

She is still pretty shy though... she wouldn't show her face for anything.

But we're excited! The doctor said her measurements looked great, except for a small abnormalcy with her kidneys, but he said we'll keep an eye on that... it will most likely correct itself as she grows.

Can't wait to meet my baby GIRL!

Re: Team...

  • Congrats! Thats great news! Do you get your results right after the anatomy scan when you speak with the doctor? Mine is in 3 weeks and I have an appointment with the doctor right after and I was wondering if they would have already reviewed the ultrasound!
  • I'm sure each OB is different, but my doctor came in and actually reviewed the baby by ultrasound. The tech told him what areas she would like him to look at specifically and then he did a once over and then concentrated on those areas. But he said everything she had on her report and he could see indicated a perfectly health baby girl.

    I hope your doctor can tell you right away. I don't know about you, but I hate waiting for results!

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