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s/o sharp twingy pains (concerned)

I can't decide whether to be worried about these sharp pains I'm having. (Sharp twinges--not quite painful but nagging--and it happens when moving OR in resting position and comes and goes throughout the day)  I know round ligament pain can take many forms but I've stopped having regular period type cramps and I have these on one side only (left).

I used our doppler last night and the pain is literally right where the baby's heartbeat can be found.  No spotting or anything.  Think it's just the growing baby growing the uterus?


Re: s/o sharp twingy pains (concerned)

  • sounds like textbook RLPs....

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  • I've absolutely been having these same pains on and off. I called my Dr. and she told me not to worry. She described the pain as a small electric shock (which are what mine feel like).

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  • I've been having some sharp pains, too - but they some what feel like muscle pains because, for example, last night I had a sharp one when I got out of bed quickly.  Not really sure what it is but I'm trying not to worry!
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  • I have actually had a similar pain... on the lower left side and near where I hear baby's heartbeat with the doppler...

     I had the sharp pains one or two days when I was about 12weeks 3 days, but I haven't had them since.  I do, however get slight achey cramps (but not really even cramps--they are so light) in that area sometimes. my friend who has one kid and is almost 9 months pregnant told me that the crampy/dull ache feeling is because your uterus is growing...

    I go in next week for my next appointment and plan to ask about it, but I also haven't had the sharp pains anymore.  I would probably call my Doctor if I still had the sharp pains... (but I'm guessing its just the uterus growing as we have both had them).

  • I can usually tell the difference between the ligament pains and uterus pains.  When I go to throw a leg out of bed - that's usually when my ligaments scream at me.  For the uterus pains (really is like an electric shock) - I've been told it can be attributed to both growing and intestinal movement moving/bumping the uterus.  Having not had many symptoms at all (only peeing excessively at night), I'm kinda thankful for these small reminders.  Smile  My doc also said they're nothing to worry about.
  • I would not worry too much. I have been having these sharp pains on and off for a few days. My sharp pains are really bad. I went to the doc today for my 13 week checkup, he said they are normal and only due to the uterus stretching. If you have blood with these sharp pains then call your doc, but from what he told me today they are totally normal!! Hope you feel better Big Smile
  • Thank you all for your advice.  I do feel better now.  Thank you soooo much. 
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