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my daughter just turned 9 months last week, and she's not quite yet crawling yet. she's super long and lean (wearing 12-18 month clothes) and it took her a while before she was able to sit up on her own because she would just tip over. she has been developing fine and her doctor hasn't been concerned about anything. it just seems like everyone else's babies are crawling like crazy and even starting to walk, and my SIL made me feel like i was doing something wrong. anyone else going through the same thing at all?

Re: crawling?

  • I am going through the same thing as you.  I just have to keep reminding myself that all babies are different.  I tend to have late bloomers.  My LO took a long time to sit up on her own.  There are 2 babies at daycare that are already crawling and standing and walking when they hold on to hands. 

    My LO hates her belly so who knows about crawling.  She loves to stand, but cannot stand on her own.  She cannot stand and hang on to something without falling over unless it is my hands.  When I hold her handds she does not move her legs to walk. 

    Her Dr. is not concerned either. My daycare lady made me feel bad a couple of times because she is behind the other LO's, but I know it will come.

    I also feel the same way on this board, there are a lot of LO's more advanced than mine. 

    So good luck to your LO and mine and we will see when they are ready to do more movement! Smile

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  • DS just started crawling 2 weeks ago. Every baby puts it all together at their own pace. No worries. It will happen.


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  • Thanks that made me feel so much better! I'm a SAHM and i guess my SIL expects her to be more advanced since I'm with her all the time. she tried to show me different ways to do tummy time and told me i shouldnt use a bouncer because she will just try and walk on her toes. her daughter is like 3 1/2 months older than mine and this is also her first one. she likes to read about everything and voice her opinion on what she thinks is right. i worked in a daycare for 4 years and am the oldest of 5 kids...i have an idea of what i'm doing. 

    it's just frustrating when people say things. my LO is trying, and she keeps falling on her face because she tries to just stand rather than crawl! its not like she isn't making the effort. i'm not in a rush for her to be on the move either! i like being able to run to the bathroom and know she will be in the same spot when i 

    good luck to you too! 

  • One of my girls isn't crawling yet and they just turned 9 months old.  I've read the average age for crawling is 8 months, so that means there are plenty of babies who crawl after 8 months.  I'm not worried about it.  Neither of mine are pulling up to stand either.  I'm sorry your SIL made you feel like you are doing something wrong - you aren't at all!  I'm a SAHM and as much as I have my non-crawler on tummy time, I can't make her crawl!  She scoots and rocks on all fours, but it is just going to take time.
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  • i'm glad i'm not alone! i'm pretty tall myself and trip and fall over still to this day...i'm sure my baby just takes after me! the poor thing was trying to reach for something 1/2 sitting 1/2 standing yesterday and fell face first into her toy and made her mouth bleed :-( i wouldn't want to keep trying after that...but she is :-) so i'm proud
  • I was going through the exact same thing, and I began to think she just may never crawl.  Until.....yesterday!  She is finally crawling like a mad woman and it all just came about in one day.  It's hard but I'd imagine with a lot of patience and love, you will have a crawler on your hands in no timeBig Smile
  • My LO is 10.5 mos. old and still not crawling on all fours.  He started army crawling at a little over 9 mos.  Our pedi saw us at the 9 month well check, and said she wanted us to come back at 10 months to see if he was making progress.  She recommended we take him to Little Gym/Gymboree classes since she thought if he saw other babies doing it that he would pick it up.  He didn't.  She referred us to a pediatric physical therapist, and we just had that appt. a few days ago.  The PT said that late crawling is common in babies who didn't like tummy time when they were little babies (my son fits into this category.)  She said she thought he would do it eventually if we did nothing, but that she thinks he will benefit from weekly therapy so we are going to be going once a week for a little while.

     The PT gave us some examples of exercises we can work on with him to encourage him to crawl, sit (he sits well on his own but can't get into that position), and pull to his knees/feet.   

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  • i actually have a free trial for gymboree...thanks for reminding me! ill try it out...couldn't hurt! she wasn't a fan of tummy time either...but i still make sure she does a little every day. i just think all babies are different! she does a  lot of other things like saying mama and dada and babble, she will clap and say yay, reach up for us, eat cheerios on her own. so i haven't worried. its just discouraging when people start to judge! good luck with your little guy! im sure he'll be fine! i think our kids are the ones who will do good in track because they're just saving their energy ;-)
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