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not eating

My son is 10 months old and has always been such a good eater!  Just within the last week he is refusing to eat and keeps throwing the food on the ground.  He'll take his bottles and he'll eat puffs and cheerios but that's about it.  I've tried several different foods thinking that maybe he just didn't like what I was feeding him but it didn't work.  I would greatly appreciate any kind of insight or suggestions as to how to handle this and why it just happened. 
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Re: not eating

  • i've heard babies can go on 'strikes' where they refuse to eat, sometimes anything at all, for up to several days even. i'd say keep offering different things for another couple meals and then maybe run it by the pedi. good luck! :)
  • I have no advice, but my LO is doing the EXACT same thing, I even posted about it earlier, tryin to get some insight as well. She is also 10 months old....maybe its just a phase?? I hope it passes soon because mealtimes are super frustrating!!
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