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Have to wait till 22wks to do anatomy scan?

I went in today for my 20wk appt and to schedule the anatomy scan.  I was hoping they could get me in this week or next at the latest.  OB said that they don't like to do it until at least 22 weeks, and he wanted me to wait till 23 weeks! (I compromised, its on the 19th in 2 weeks :) ).  Anyways... I know other people have had them as early as 19 weeks... so I'm super excited for the 19th, but totally bummed that others had them soooo very long ago.  I think I'll be the last to join a team and see my **hopefully** healthy baby! He said it was because after 22 weeks it was guaranteed they could visualize the chambers of the heart.  Anyone else have to wait this long?

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Re: Have to wait till 22wks to do anatomy scan?

  • We dont have ours until feb 3!

     Ill be 21 weeks-ish! It feels like forever away! 

  • I was between 21-22 weeks w/ DS #1. We have since moved and with this OB they scheduled it for 18 wks. I know it's hard waiting! Hang in there!
  • Mine is Feb 22nd! I think I will be around 21 or 22 weeks then. With DD I got to find out at 18 so I am disappointed!
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  • Mine is at Maternal Fetal Medicine at 20 weeks 4 days, but that's not until February 15th & the wait is killing me!
  • Mine is next Tuesday.  I will be 19 weeks.  My doc office usually schedules them between 18 and 20 weeks.  I am counting down the days!!!!  I just want to know that (s)he is healthy and doing well.  It will have been 5 weeks since my last check and I just want to know everything is ok!  Good luck.  Sorry you have to wait.  I know how you must be feeling.  It's so anxious.
  • I just made my appointment today and it will be at the end of my 19th week. My doc said she usually does it between 18 and 19.
  • My Dr. usually does the anatomy scan at 17 weeks! I'm thinking it's better to have it a little later just to make sure everything is developed. I may try to postpone mine a few weeks.
  • I just had mine today at 22w 5d. I thought it was late too and just assumed it was because of 'the strain on the health care system'. It does suck when you're waiting and get excited and others can do it but you can't. Don't fret though, baby is so big at 22w and its worth the wait to see him/her moving around in there
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  • Mine is at 18 weeks, but I really had to push for it because they were trying to book me for later. The reason is because if I wasn't quite 18 weeks I'd have to have it repeated.
  • Don't feel badly! I can see their logic in this. I've had exactly NO ultrasounds my entire pregnancy so I'm sure you can imagine how impatient I am for a peek at my baby and to hear/see that everything is all right. It's maddening sometimes, but I assume everything is as it should be. I figure at 20 weeks I'll have a more clear view, anyway, just like PP said about her having to wait until 22 weeks.
  • I was 22 weeks with my ds because of insurance reasons.  This time my doctors office was not on the ball and I will be 21 weeks!  It's hard since I have not seen my baby since I was 7weeks along!
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  • I'm a Sonographer, the earliest you can do an anatomy scan is 18 weeks. That is when the heart should be fully formed. The longer you wait the easier it is to see the heart. Some dr might suggest waiting a bit if they think it might be more difficult to seethe baby and thus more difficult to see the heart clearly. I have never heard of a dr waiting till 23 weeks. The anatomy scan ideally should be done between 18 and 22 weeks. At least that is what is at my hospital and every other place I have worked and what is In the text books.
  • I'll be 22 weeks too, but mine is only that late bc of some travel plans I have.  ((Shrugs)) Meh, not a big deal to me.  Heck, some babies never cooperate with the U/S tech (e.g. keep legs crossed) and since its not ideally their goal to find out the sex during this scan, I realize that as long as baby is healthy that is all that matters.
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  • I have to wait until 23 weeks because they will also be doing a fetal echo at my appointment. I'll be 23w4d when I finally get it done. I can't wait. 
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  • Mine is being done at 18 weeks and so many days. I can't remember which day it's on. A friend of mine is due in April and she just found out at 26 weeks what hers is. Her doctor refused to do it any earlier!

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  • We did, this time around (22 w) due to some changes in my insurance coverage. Last time, we were able to have an U/S at 17 w and my OB revealed his sex at that time (we had an additional U/S for his anatomy scan a few weeks later at 21 w.)

    It was a tiny bit tougher to wait this time around, but every time I was a little impatient, I tried to remind myself that the real importance of the anatomy scan is to see baby's organs and physical structures clearly, and therefore, it made good sense to wait.

    But yeah, it was a little aggravating sometimes that people who were a month behind me already knew baby's sex...b/c last time around, I knew earlier, too! :) Hang in there: hope the time passes quickly for you!


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