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Anyone use NACCRRA for daycare fee assistance?

I need to know what kind of fee assistance this program gives. Their website doesn't give that kind of information and every time I've tried calling them I've held forever and never actually gotten to talk to anyone. We were going to use the daycare on post but since they are still full and DH will be deploying again in a few months we're considering moving closer to my work (65 miles away) for while he's gone but the daycare cost would be almost double for us. Is this a program worth going through? Any ideas how much assistance they actually provide? I'm trying to figure out if we're talking $50 or if we're talking half the daycare fees for providers in their program...
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Re: Anyone use NACCRRA for daycare fee assistance?

  • Yes! We live in a high cost of living area and couldn't get in at daycare so send both kids to the center in our neighborhood. How much you get depends on the income of you and your spouse and the cost of your center, but for our two kids we get $200 per child so $400 a month. Definitely worth it. Just be aware there are certain rules you have to meet- IE the daycare center has to approved by NYAEC or whatever the other main national credentialing agency is, so it can be harder to find an in-home center that meets these qualifications. There is also some attendance paperwork your provider has to send in every month. Our center has been great about sending it in and we've never had a problem. Also I think most of the communication with NACCRA is via email, so maybe that's why they've been hard to reach? Good luck!
  • Can you please post the website?



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    I was finally able to get through yesterday. They told me they try to make it so that we're paying a rate similar to what we'd be paying if we were able to use the daycare on post so for us it would be a savings of about $500-$600/month. My only problem now is finding a daycare on their list that has infant space available. I soooo wish that I had put LO on the waiting list for the daycare we had wanted months ago and just taken the chance that when it came down to the time we'd just have to back out because of the cost. Now their waiting list is out to Sept so she won't be going there.


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  • I love NACCRRA, the subsidy covers close to 50% of our DC costs.  
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