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Lo won't eat table

Logan will just not eat solid food. When I try to feed her, she just slaps my hand away, no matter what it is. She throws everything off her tray. I have tried offering her foods that I know she likes, new foods, anything. The only thing I have gotten her to eat is yogurt and cheese. Any advice?? Mealtimes are really becoming a complete hassle and I am worried that she's not eating enough. She still drinks her bottles (FF) and she's been waking up a lot at night (she used to STTN)....
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Re: Lo won't eat table

  • yup, the waking is probably from not getting enough calories from solids during the day. she throws everything off her tray--so you do try to let her feed herself? try laying out a few of a couple different things at once; try putting only one piece of food on her tray at a time [sometimes more can be overwhelming]; try loading a spoon with something thick [like yogurt!] and handing it to her, and if she gets the hang of that you can try other stuff; try different colors, different sizes. that's all i can think to suggest for now :) good luck!
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