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Eating after a workout...

So after finally feeling I have the energy to get back to the gym since I have been prego. I usually get there at night. So I am wondering if it is important for me to eat after I work out before i go to bed.  Tonight I just had a glass of V8.  See I lost 100 lbs (about 3 years ago I started) I lost it all in a year but I was very dedicated, No eating after 7oclock you know.  But now I am not getting to the gym till 9 at night. so what do you ladies think?

Re: Eating after a workout...

  • Personally, I am a firm believer in at LEAST a little protein after you work out. DH has a powder that he mixes with water - I prefer to use the Ensure or Boost High Protein shakes. Even a hard boiled egg. Putting protein in your system is necessary after a work out, I think, and it won't compromise your weight.

  • That was always my rule of thumb as well. Thank you! How did you get the cute time line chart on the bottom?
  • Yep, you should have something.  I am not a time-of-day nazi about eating and I have been very successful with losing weight and getting very lean.  I usually eat something before and always after every workout regardless of when it is (unless it's something light like easy yoga or a walk that doesn't take much of a toll), and if I haven't eaten in a while before I go to bed, I have a small snack so that my body has something to give LO while I'm asleep.

    Studies have shown that carbs + protein after a moderate workout can be even more effective in maximizing the results of your workout and rebuilding your muscles than protein alone.  Have some protein after your workouts and maybe throw in a glass of milk or half a whole grain english muffin or something.  I find it especially important to have something after a workout while pg because my blood sugar drops really easily & fast even with easy/moderate workouts.

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