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Emery Sera

If my baby is a girl I want to name her Emery but for some reason when I look up the name it always says its a boys name but I knew a girl named this, so does any one else know girls named Emery? And what does it mean?

Re: Emery Sera

  • I think of it as a boy name as well (also spelled Emory). That and a nail file .... and college/university.

    I like Sera.



    Gender: Masculine & Feminine

    Usage: English

    Pronounced: EM-?-ree  [key]

    Norman form of EMMERICH. It was introduced to England by the Normans, and though it was never popular, it survived until the end of the Middle Ages. As a modern given name, it is likely inspired by the surname Emery, which was itself derived from the medieval given name. It can also be given in reference to the hard black substance called emery.

    Gender: Masculine

    Usage: English

    Pronounced: EM-?-ree  [key]

    Variant of EMERY


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  • I think it's cute for a girl. Never met one, but who is to say it's strictly for a boy?... But spelled like that, I just thought it was some post about a new type of nail file or something. :-/
  • Yeah Emery is a nail file. I would figure it would be a girls name since girls use nail files more than boys, but if you like it who cares if it's usually for boys?
  • I like it, plus your kid your name. Pick what you want
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