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Looking for a reliable babysitter. Idw to put my baby in daycare. I want him to have one on one attention with someone he can learn to trust and build a relationship with. I need someone who won't freak out when he spits up and knows how to put a baby down for a nap. I need someone who will be available on a regular basis (with plenty of notice of course), who isn't flakey. Does anyone have any reccomendations? I live in Topeka, KS. They don't have a board on here so I'm hoping someone who is nearby will read this. My son is 7 months old currently.

 Thank you

Re: Babysitters!

  • Have you tried posting on your FB?  Even if your friends aren't available, maybe them know someone? Also, if you attend a church maybe you can ask around there or leave a posting somewhere?  Do you have a neighborhood newsletter or newsboard where you can post something?  I hope you find someone that you and your baby love. 
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  • thanks i might post on fb again but last time all i got was suggestions like, "hey i have a day care i charge so and so per day" :( maybe i'll ask my sister to talk to some gals at her church.
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