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Could you tell when baby dropped?

Can you or could you tell when your baby dropped into position? Did your bump shape change or did you just feel he/she was lower? Also, how far along were you when you noticed?

Re: Could you tell when baby dropped?

  • Yes. I "thought" my first dropped at about 30 weeks but really he just finally went head down. Then at about 36 weeks, i knew he dropped because i was having to waddle because it felt as if he was going to fall out of me at any moment.

    Then when i looked back at pictures, i could see at 35 weeks my belly was perfectly round and then at 36 weeks it had shrunk and dropped. Pretty cool to see the comparison actually. :) 

  • Honestly, no. I could not tell at all
  • I'm at 35 weeks, and I think mine is starting to drop just a teeny bit. I could feel the distance between my chest diaphragm and the belly getting lower. The belly isn't sitting directly below the boobs.

    Some people had mentioned that you will feel that it's easier to breathe! 


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  • For me it looked like someone stuck a pin in my belly and slowly deflated it. It wasn't perky and round anymore...more like oval and still sticking out, but definitely not as prominent. Another good way to test it is if you can feel a little hollow area at the very top of your bump. If you can gently push and your hand sinks in pretty easily, then you've dropped.
  • I can absolutely tell. Over the last few days my belly seems to be deflating! Today the is the most noticable and I had a doctors appointment this morning. I can breathe better but I have to pee every five minutes! So I told the doctor that I thought he dropped and she confirmed. She checked me and she could feel his head! My belly is now all out front and today, for some reason his kicks seem way different! I can't explain it, I just feel different.

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