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DH just bought a new car....

So technically its not new, previously owned.  He had a Dodge Charger before, total guys sports car.  Yesterday he went with a friend and got a Ford Edge.  The car is really nice, im driving it today. We did need a bigger car since i drive a Dodge Caliber.  With the LO coming in a few months and the dogs, my car is pretty much filled to max capacity.  He got a great deal on the car and he pretty much traded his car in for $100 less then what he owed.  He didnt have to put any money down and his payments went up $20 a month.  Can't complain when our money situation didnt change at all and we have a great new family car.  He's taking this Daddy thing seriously.  On the down side, my car is still and will always be the designaded dog car.  Thats why im driving the new car today, hes taking my moms dog to the vet.

Thought i would share, im a little excited.

Re: DH just bought a new car....

  • Nice! Friends of mine just got the Ford Edge and love it Smile

    DH also traded in his Dodge Charger a few months ago, I think part of him misses it, but he's not complaining about new car.

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  • I just bought a Dodge Charger last year cause it is my dream car. It is perfect for the baby cause it is soo roomy all over. Congrats on the new car though. We aren't huge on Fords in our family.  
  • awww what a good hubby!

    I was driving a two door chevy cavalier since i was 16 and until Dawson was about 2 months old.. my back was killing me from putting the carseat in the back.. and my DH was driving his little racecar mitsubishi evolution.. 

    So one day he went in and traded it for a brand new honda accord and gave it to me as my new "mommy car" and now he drives my old chevy cavalier... definitely a sacrifice and i was shocked!! Becoming a daddy really changes men! haha

  • That's exciting! I love my Ford Edge. I was actually looking just yesterday at trading it in for a brand new one... tee hee :)


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  • My DH bought a new porsche Boxster S about a year and a half ago... He LOVES his car... But since I got pregnant he's mentioned trading it in, everytime he does, he has this really sad look on his face... I told him he could keep it, we can use my car (toyota camry) as our family car, he just needs to teach me how to drive stick so if he ever has LO we are able to switch cars
  • He has been really sweet.  When i told him last night that i really liked his car,  I wasnt with him when he bought it, He said its not his car it's our car. 
  • We traded in my 94 Nissan Pathfinder for a 2006 Cobalt (4 Door) a couple months after I got pregnant. We are trying to get it paid off soon so we can buy a 2nd car. (We sold DH's 1981 Mercedes to his dad when we moved from SC to Virginia b/c we knew it wouldn't pass state inspections here.) DH is looking at a Ford Fusion that will mostly be mine since I'll have LO. We were never Ford people, but we the best for LO's safety and I think thats it. 
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  • It's funny how everything changes.  When we first found out I was pregnant, my husband and I traded in our little Lexus that we loved for a Cadillac SRX, a small SUV.  It's a nice car but I liked my old car better.  But this one is safer and more spacious for a carseat so it was a good decision.  It's not about us anymore, it's about our little girl.
  • This makes me laugh. Everyone goes out and buys these mommy SUVs when they get pregnant. I had a Mustang GT and I traded it in for a Dodge Charger RT, when we started trying for this baby. I am a total motor head, so there was no way I was going from my sports car to a huge, heavy SUV. It took some serious arguing to stay in a car. DH wanted me and the baby in a huge Expedition so we agreed on a large sedan. I'm not totally against SUVs, If I HAD to get one, then I would. I would just rather drive something smaller, and more comfortable for myself. Congrats on all the new cars!
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