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How to teach hot?

DH works evenings as a police officer, so Luke and I are on our own.  He used to nap from 4-5pm and I would prep and put dinner in.  But now he's skipping that nap.  It was so hard last night making dinner because he was under my feet the whole time.  I kept having to move him away from the oven and I would say HOT, and redirect him.  But without DH to play interference for me, I'm having trouble.  So how do I teach him about too hot?! 

Re: How to teach hot?

  • DS learned hot because he was always trying to grab DH's morning coffee. But now he thinks anything that he is not supposed to touch is "hot". So to try to teach him I placed his hand on the outside of a coffee cup and said "hot" then touch ice and said "cold". It has not worked but at least he stays away from all things hot for now!
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  • we say "hot...ouch" "no touch" and pull hands took a while, but now when they hear the radiators come on they point to the covers and say "hot" and don't touch...if they are in the kitchen while we are cooking we will usually put them in their chairs and give them some crayons to play with....
  • Whenever we have a warm cup of coffee, warm food or anything warm for that matter (that wont burn him) we let him touch it and say "hot".. it took a couple months but now he will point to things like candles, the stove, cups of coffee and say "hot" but wont touch them. Also, we have a gate blocking our kitchen.. its so worth the whining to not have to worry about the little guy under my feet when i cook. Or you can put him in his highchair to color or play with playdough while you cook. Good luck!
  • We taught DS "hot" reecently when we started using a space heater in his room and one downstairs. I have also taught him "hot" with respect to the fireplace and used coffee cups and cold cups to teach him the difference between hot and cold. It only took about a day and now when he sees the space heaters he says "hot" and puts his hand up in front of him and gets no where near them. Sort of cute. :)
  • We started telling him that the electric candles in the window were "hot" (though they weren't really, but I thought he might understand that better) and not to touch.

    That actually worked, and since then he seems to have made the connection to his food, our coffee or tea, etc.  He will poke his food with his finger and say "TA!" sometimes now.

  • When DD's food was hot we would tell her it was hot and then blow on it. So now, when we say something is hot she blows. So, we also need a new way to teach her not to touch hot things.

    When I'm cooking in the kitchen, I put the gate up so she can't come in.  

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  • Our daughter is still too little to understand but with DS...he ate something that needed to be cooled off a little longer...he got mad and I said it was too hot and that we needed to blown it...and we did together...and he understood from that moment on...the funny thing now is trying to teach our son the difference between hot and warm/just that is difficult because he thinks anything that is warm is hot too!
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  • We alsolet her touch anything that's warm (not hot that she would hurt herself) and keep saying "HOT" over and over.  Now she says hot for everything that is a little  She will go by the oven and say "HOT" even if it's not on.

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  • Thanks ladies!  I do say HOT and blow on his food, but maybe I need to let him feel (within reason of course) a hot cup or other things.
  • We let the boys touch warm (definitely not hot) mugs and told them "hot".  We used the same idea for "cold" except we used ice water glasses.  It showed them that there is a difference and they really picked up "hot" quickly.  They know the oven is hot, if food is hot, etc. 
  • DD knows hot and cold, but that doesn't stop her :) When I have to cook and she is under my feet- which is always, I give her something "different" to play with- last night I put flour and water in a bowl and gave her the whisk, I have also given her different cereals to mix together.  It usually keeps her occupied just long enough for me to cook. 



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  • Hot got mixed up for us and we're still trying to unconfuse the situation.  It started at Thanksgiving.  The cornbread dressing was too hot and we told him so.  Then he tried it and loved it so now he thinks hot = delicious.  Any time you have food he wants, he starts saying "hot" and pointing. 
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