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Awful night last night

Yesterday around 2:00 I started feeling bad.  I had made coffee and thought it just upset my stomach.  I had run 6 miles yesterday and felt fine.  As the afternoon progressed I got worse and worse.  I tried to eat dinner because I needed to since I'd had a long run.  By 7:00 I was throwing up like crazy.  It was awful.  I threw up everything I ate all day, and finally had DH get me a hamburger around 9 pm.  But then I was up all night with nausea.  I guess this was a stomach bug?  Has anyone else had one lately?  No fun!

Re: Awful night last night

  • There's a horrible stomach bug going around. Our baby sitter has it. It's the Rotavirus. I had it when I was doing my peds rotation in nursing school--it's HORRIBLE. Vomiting, diarrhea (specifically characterized by LIME GREEN diarrhea)...

    Stay hydrated. It's extremely contagious so make sure you & LO wash your hands a lot.

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  • Our family had this Christmas Eve an Christmas. Started with DD - who threw up all day. Then went to my husband who had diarrhea and vomiting and then to me who only got the diarrhea. It was TERRIBLE. The only good news is that although we were all queezy for a week afterwards and had no appetite - the actual getting sick part was over in about 8-12 hours. Then the next day we were all weak and had flu-ish symptoms and then the week of just no appetite. If its the same strain we had - it's quick - but powerful.

    Good luck - and try and stay far away from your LO! Watching DD with it was the worst part - so miserable. Feel better.



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  • definitely a serious bug going around. My husband and 6 other family members got it on Thanksgiving night and we thought it was food poisoning!! But after realizing that we couldnt figure out what food it was, we knew it was a bug.. it was awful!!! Hope you get better soon and dont spread it around! eek!
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