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What do you buy when you go shopping? I just today figured out what BRU stood for lol and as much as I enjoy looking at baby gear and clothes I can't think of anything to buy most of the time, and I have been trying seeing as I got a total of $450 in amazon gift cards for the holiday. I am down to about $250 now.

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Re: Baby stuff shopaholics

  • I'm pretty stroller obsessed, so I'd probably buy something like that.  I'm always buying DS clothes, cute hats, shoes, etc.  You could always use the card to buy diapers if there's nothing your LO needs. 

    What about something that your LO isn't developmentally ready for right now, but might be in another 6 months or so?  We got DS a tricycle for Christmas.  I has 3 different settings- it starts out with a handle so the parent can push them and down the road, you can take it off and they can actually use it as a normal tricycle.  He loves it (technically it's for 10+ months). 

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  • Do you already have a convertible car seat? If not, that would be helpful towards it. Otherwise, clothes in bigger sizes, diapers, wipes, toys...
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  • Yeah my mom got us a convertible car seat. I don't really like the older kid clothes on amazon. I just sorted through clothes last night and I have two bins full of bigger clothes (my sister has a 2.5 year old so I get a lot of hand-me-downs). I guess I will save it for diapers and more baby food when I run out of the packs of Earth's best I just bought on there. My sis told me not to buy any toys until she sorts through hers too. I did just find babylegs on there today and got a pair of those and level 2Dr. Brown's nipples
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  • Buy supplies for the first bday party! :-) And while your sis says to wait to see what she's going to hand down to you toy-wise, you might still want a few new things. Stuff like bath toys that get mildew in them, teethers, etc. Thinking ahead to summer, maybe a water play table? That was a huge hit my older son's first summer and he still enjoys it. (not a sand and water play table, those get nasty!). Or a 1st bday gift? We gave DS1 a little tykes car for his first bday. The one they are strapped in and the parent pushes, not a kid-operated car.
  • Books? Nursery organizing furniture like a toy chest or one of those shelving units. Amazon also has some really cute growth charts. You could get a nice frame for his first year photos. Disney DVDs for when he is older?
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