2nd Trimester

early in 2nd tri - do bumps come and go?

I'm in my 14th week.  For a couple of weeks now, some days I have a visible bump and others, there's hardly anything expcet for a little extra skin around my belly. I'm small to begin with, so I expected to show early. 

Does / did anyone else's bumps come and go for a while at this stage? 

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Re: early in 2nd tri - do bumps come and go?

  • If it comes and goes, its just bloating. A bump will stay.
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  • you know, i'm glad you asked.  i've been having the same question.  i'll be 16 weeks on wednesday.  sometimes i feel huge.  other times i feel smaller.  maybe it's bloat?  but yeah,  i feel like my belly changes size!
  • Mine comes and goes. But apparently I got my first trimester constipation in 2nd tri, so that's what I'm blaming. I thought since this was my 2nd I'd show sooner, but that hasn't been the case. 
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  • I'm at 20 weeks and I finally have a pretty consistent bump, however it isn't too visible when I have my clothes on. People know that I am pregnant, but I haven't got to the point where I look pregnant to others that don't know.

    Earlier on, some mornings I would wake up looking like I had a bump and other mornings I would wake up looking like I was just slightly bloated. 

    Don't worry! You'll get a bump that actually stays. :)

  • It may just be bloat. But bumps do get bigger and smaller sometimes. A few weeks ago, mine would be larger sometimes and smaller othertimes. Could be add'l bloating or if you haven't pooped in a while....not to be gross, but I think it's normal in the beginning for your body to fluctuate a bit. Don't worry, you're still pregnant!

  • Yes, it can seem like some days you look more pregnant than others.  I'm 18 weeks now and finally have a consistent bump though it's very small.  I am also a small person (101lbs before pg), and I think you show later because of it.  With my last pregnancy I wasn't noticeably showing until 6 months.  You just don't tend to gain weight as fast when you're naturally small.  It also seems like the "real" bump just pops up overnight.  One day you'll look down and say "Damn, when did that happen!"  Then a few weeks later you'll look down again and say the same thing.  I went from a tiny bump to full blown basketball overnight.
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