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Let's name her Stubborn. :)

So this friday, we have yet another ultrasound to try to get pictures of this baby girl's spine. I have a funny feeling we'll be leaving unsuccessful yet again.

This is our 3rd attempt (counting the anatomy scan) and this girl just won't budge. I spin and twirl and roll and jump and they push her and she will. not. move. hahah.

She also jumps juuuust when they're trying to take measurements. And at the OB appts, she won't let them get her heartbeat on the doppler for more than .25 seconds.

Seriously, if this is an indicator of her personality, we're doomed. :)

Anyone else's LO have a mind of their own already?

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Re: Let's name her Stubborn. :)

  • Olivia seems like she poses when we have scans.  What ever they are looking at she is still and they get what they need.

    She is stubborn because when I want her to move (like when I lay down and DH rubbs my feet and legs) she wont move at all.  I'm thinking come on mommys all relaxed.  Nope she waits until 3am to do her gymnastics.  LOL!

    I hope you can get the scans on Friday.

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  • I think it is a little girl thing!! Mine is the same!! She will not let them do picture or heart rate or anything!  We had to have 3 ultrasounds done because of the same issue...she does not want them to check her spine.  It took all three just to have her uncross her legs so we finally know she is a she. 

    I hope its not her personality because we are doomed too!! ;-)

    Hopefully you will get her measurements!

  • we use a flashlight aimed on my belly to get RyRy to move works everytime!!!
  • Same here...we had to go back a second time to get the lower spine.  It took about 30 minutes to get the first set of pics at my 20 week u/s b/c she wouldn't sit still.  Even now she moves right as we try and get a pic.  But, that's my little girl...stubborn just like her momma, LOL.
  • Hah GL .. our LO was rather stubborn for the anatomy scan but finally let the tech get the reading she needed at the last minute .. I was kinda hoping to have to go back so we could see him again. We know he's extremely active,too, just like big brother !
  • We are in the same boat, my LO (which we assume is a girl) is working on her 3rd ultrasound because she just won't cooperate.  We are only 90% certain she is a girl, because she hasn't cooperated 100% yet.....and we are still waiting for a good pic of her lower spine.  Hopefully on the 19th we will get a 100% answer on the sex and are able to see the lower spine!!  I sure hope its not indicative of her personality!!!
  • My LO (also a girl) tries to kick the wand away, the doppler, and when I was in the hospital kept kicking away from the thing on my stomach that was monitoring her. It wasn't until about 19 weeks that she started getting so fiesty, at my appt at 15 weeks she was really calm. I already assume I am in for it when she is here

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  • I can definitely tell the different personalities of my girls. One is calmer than the other but loves to be faced down. She hasn't given them a really good shot of her face in awhile, the other one moves constantly when they are trying to get her measurements or HB lol
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  • My little girl is the same exact way!
    At the past 2 MW appt's they haven't been able to get her HB on the doppler because she kicks the damn thing! And at our monthly u/s's she likes to try to turn away from the u/s wand. They had the hardest time getting pictures of her heart at our anatomy scan because she was being such a stinker! And everytime we're lucky enough to get a 4D u/s she puts her hands up to her face.
    I'm tellin you ladies, we're going to have our hands full with these little girls!

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  • I had a level 2 last week and my LO would not show her spine at all. After 2 hours the specialist finally had the US tech do a trans-vaginal ultrasound...lucky me. They were able to get the shots they needed that way and her spine is fine, along with her other major organs, which was a relief. Good Luck!
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