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maybe silly question...

I am a first time so I am so lost...So I have beeen having cramping for a few days and last night it was so bad it kept me up all night. I called the nurse line when they opened and they had me come into be checked out by the on-call doctor.

They took a urine sample and hooked me up to a fetal monitor to check for contractions which I had none, so thats great! But when she did the exam she sounded concerned and said, "when is you're due date again?" I am due Feb 19th. She said my cervix is "soft" and left it at that. She did a fetal fibronectomy (sp?) swab and said it will tell if labor will be approaching within 2 weeks. I guess I didnt think of this until now...I know I'm not dilated and my cervix is only soft, so does that mean I am starting effacement? or is it just soft? I have no clue... any words of wisdom mommies?


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Re: maybe silly question...

  • did the test come out positive or negative?


  • I am still waiting to hear back from the on-call doctor.
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  • ok so first, breathe.

    second, the fetal fibronectin test is not very accurate- I had a false positive on it, and was told that semen and other outside things can effect the test results. I was also told by the OB that a negative result is more reliable than a positive result because of the outside things that can effect the result.

    If you arent having contractions it may not be much to worry about.

    Just try to stay calm.

    Did they measure how thick your cervix is? because if it's below a 2.5 they should worry, but otherwise not.

     the cramping is normal, and if you're in a lot of pain they may offer you some labor pain meds, I got a shot that I can't remember the name of, but it knocked me out.

    Keep us informed! Good luck! 


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