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2nd time moms who have been induced?

I am being induced on the 13th. For those of you who have been through it, what should I expect? I've been reading up online but its all so vague.
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Re: 2nd time moms who have been induced?

  • my induction turned into a c/s after 31 hours on pitocin (only dilated to 5, and contractions only got to every 3.5 mins....once my cervix started swelling they c/s'ed me)
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  • Well, I'm sure that everyone's experiences are going to be different, but here is mine.  I got the call to come in for an induction at around 3pm on Tuesday.  I got to the hospital around 5pm and started all the paperwork.  They told me I should eat before they officially started the induction, so DH ran out for some food.  We ate and then they inserted the cervadil around 7-8pm that Tuesday night.  I dilated well on just the cervidil alone, and was at 4cm in the early morning hours.  I got my epidural around 5am Wednesday (I wish I had it sooner, they offered but I declined for some reason that I still can't explain today), started pitocin at 8am, started pushing at around 3pm.  I pushed for 2.5 hours, which really sucked, but DD wasn't descending properly.  DD was born at a little after 5:30pm on Wednesday.

    My induction went really well.  To me being in labor wasn't painful, it was just frustrating because it took so long to get DD out.  Also, if it makes any difference, I was 10 days overdue when I went in for my induction.  The nurses kept saying that no one is allowed to go that overdue anymore, but I really wanted to give DD all the time she needed to bake without going over 42 weeks.  Good luck to you! 

  • I <3 to lurk :)

     I was induced twice...both inductions were totally different...it all depends on how you are being induced, dilation and how thin you are...Each requires a different plan...

    Our first...I was induced with cytotech in the morning and just a little pitocin after they broke my water...Even though epidurals dont work for me...the contractions were manageable with that process...Our second...I was induced only on pitocin and them breaking my water...and I will NEVER allow them to do that again...Without a working epidural...I was in hell and wanted to die...so like I said...it all depends on how you are being induced...In my eyes...slow and steady is best...meaning a little cervix thinner...breaking your water and a little pitocin to kick it in gear is best!  So it depends where you are at in the whole dilation and thinning department, too!  Good Luck!!  And I pray epidurals work for you!! 

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  • you still have 10 days until your induction date, you could easily go into labor on your own before then.

    For me, i was scheduled for an induction when i was 41 weeks & I ended up having my first at 40 weeks 6 days. They still gave me pitocin and broke my water to speed things along but after 39 hours of labor, that really didnt bother me too much. :) 

  • I was induced with my DS due to high bp issues.  They admitted me the night before, started pitocin around 5:30 AM, stripped my membranes around 7 or 7:30 maybe, and then broke my water shortly after that.  I got my epidural around 9 AM, I think.  I progressed a little slowly, and DS wanted to hang out up in my ribcage and they were sure I was going to need a C/S.  But then all of a sudden DS decided it was time and I went from 6 to 10 cm in no time flat.  I pushed for 22 minutes and out he came!


    There is a increased chance of a C/S with inductions, but mine went fine and I had no complications!

  • I went in at 6 am to be induced (39 weeks, 5 days) and already had an IV and they broke my water by 6:30. When I went in I was already 2 cm and 50% effaced. My contractions were only really painful and hard for about 45 min-1 hour before I was able to get my epidural at 4 cm. I had it in by 9:30. Then I stalled out. I stayed at 4 cm for about 4 hours and they started talking about me having a c-section because she was not moving down. They started thinking she may be too big for my pelvis. I also had to go on oxygen because she went into a sleep pattern and wouldn't really move around much. Next time the dr came in I was at 7, so then things started moving. At 3:00 I felt a lot of pressure and the nurse checked me and I was 9.5 and gave a couple of trial pushes. Everyone went to the waiting room and I really started pushing around 3:15. I started throwing up while pushing, which actually ended up being a good thing because the force of me throwing up pushed her down and she was ready to come! The doctor came in at 4:10 and she was born at 4:20 on the dot. Pushing went well, and even though I couldn't feel anything I definitely could tell by the pressure that I needed to push. I did have a 3rd degree episiotomy, so recovery was a little rough.
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